It'll Be a Fine Day When Bars Have All the Money They Need and Private Schools Have To Buy Their Own Property…


Reader Jinnatun points us to the following story emanating from woeful Jersey City, New Jersey. I see it almost as a twisted Philip K. Dick variation on Kelo v. New London:

School's need outweighs bar's operation: planner

Can Jersey City use its power of eminent domain to force a property owner to sell to a private, Catholic high school?

The question has become more heated since the U.S. Supreme Court's controversial June decision reaffirming the government's power to take property as long as the owner is compensated.

Whole thing here. The bar in question is called The Golden Cicada and the school is St. Peter's prep.

How does one weigh the relative social value of a bar vs. a school? Call in the greatest legal mind in feudal Japan, Ooka the Wise and have him figure it out. His likely ruling: Have the prep school kids run the bar. After all, is there a greater education than living among drunks and making money off them?

Here's my bet on how it plays out at trial: Even if Colin Ferguson is representing The Golden Cicada, the bar can't lose as long as they get one parochial school grad on the the jury.