Natural Disasters

The Buses Are Ready


As another hurricane heads for the Gulf Coast, the towns in its path have been learning from New Orleans:

With Hurricane Rita speeding up, Galveston has moved up its timeline to prepare for Hurricane Rita….

City buses will begin carrying residents who do not have transportation off the island at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The buses will leave from the Island Community Center at 4700 Broadway….About 800 residents have made reservations so far and [City Manager Steve] LeBlanc said the buses have the capacity to get 2,300 people off the island. Houston Metro buses are available if more are needed.

My informant on the ground -- a.k.a. my mom -- tells me that everyone's been taking the storm very seriously. She also told me last week that a lot of people in Galveston have been taking in Katrina refugees. I can imagine how they feel about having to evacuate all over again.