Counterculture through the Ages 2.0


Last year, I reviewed Ken Goffman/RU Sirius' excellent Counterculture through the Ages for the Wash Post, calling it "an unabashed defense of Enlightenment ideas about individualism, science and material progress" (whole review here).

The book's now out in paperback, so it's cheaper than ever to pick up here.

Sirius interviewed me a while back for his webzine NeoFiles. That's online here.

And he had Reason's Tim Cavanaugh on his radio show here.

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  1. I'm ahead of the curve, for once, I bought it last night. Good to see it is a well received work.

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  3. Now why you gotta go and rag on Lawrence Welk. "Counterculture" is relative, and specific to time and culture. Right now, if you're under 30, you couldn't possibly get more counterculture than Lawrence Welk.

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