Johnny Come Lately


Reader Eddy Ito points us to this story from Taiwan that delivers on the threat central to the Rolling Stones' tune "Start Me Up":

Lee Hsin-yu's four-day battle to harvest sperm from the body of her deceased fiance, Army Captain Sun Chi-hsiang has met with great controversy, raising moral and legal questions related to posthumous sperm retrieval.

Sun was killed on Sept. 7 when the armored vehicle he was trying to guide onto a truck accelerated suddenly and crushed him.

When Minister of National Defense Lee Jye went to pay his last respects to Sun on Thursday, Sun's fiancee and girlfriend of 12 years hysterically pleaded with the minister, begging authorities to have his sperm preserved but to no avail, as it wasn't in accodrance with current law on posthumous sperm retrieval.

Whole thing here. The story summarizes the rather robust body of international laws dealing with the basic issue.