It's not a bald spot, it's a solar panel for Sex Machine


Well, we've already had a Friday Fun Link but this may qualify as a Friday Unexpected Link:

All self-respecting horror movie fans revere Tom Savini, the Thomas Edison of special makeup effects, the man who made most of the great gore scenes of the last three decades possible, a bit player in many modern horror classics, and the star of at least one movie so bad its director issued an apology to audiences.

But did you know that Savini is also a hair-replacement pitch man? Just as none of us can hear the phrase "fresh breath" without envisioning George Kennedy and Mike Connors, we will now have to picture Tom Savini whenever "full, lustrous, manly hair" comes into the conversation. And why not? If anybody's a reliable judge of realistic-looking cosmetic effects, it's Savini.

Watch as the man called Blades or Sex Machine or Machete Zombie plugs the plugs at Nu/Hart Hair Labs, Inc.