"Go on, tell me you could do worse"


What does Katrina tell us about the virtues or demerits of limited government? Colby Cosh has one of the best preambles to an answer I've seen.

Also worth a read is Cosh's cranky take on the new Anderson Cooper world we seem to be living in. Excerpt:

I have yet to hear any American but Michael Kinsley express the slightest misgiving about the new, cynically "angry" on-air reporter; the splutterings of Anderson Cooper and the sneers of Soledad O'Brien were met with absolutely universal approval. That these reactions were "justified" has nothing to do with the fact that, in context, they represent sheer savagery. I have a list of about fifty people I would love to sit down in front of a DVD of Broadcast News. Would they even know it was a comedy? Would they think William Hurt's character was the "hero"?