DC Reasoners, Save the Date: Bailey on Lib Bio, Sept. 28


Liberation Biology: The Scientific and Moral Case for the Biotech Revolution
Prometheus Books, 2005
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
12:00 PM (Luncheon To Follow)

Featuring the author, Ronald Bailey, Science Correspondent, Reason Magazine, Scholar, Cato Institute

The Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

In his new book, Ronald Bailey evaluates the political and ethical issues raised by scientific advances and shines a light on the vastly exaggerated concerns of opponents of biotechnology and stem cell research. Bailey explains why scientists, doctors, and individual citizens–not politicians–should confront the uncertainties that come with biotech just as they confronted concerns about the ethics of X-rays, birth control pills, bypass surgeries, and in vitro fertilization when they were first introduced. Bailey argues that patients should have the freedom to embrace or reject stem cell and biotech benefits based on their own personal or religious values. Join us for a discussion of the future of biotech and freedom.

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