Tim Cavanaugh Radio Redux


If you haven't yet listened to Reason Web Editor Tim Cavanaugh spar with conspiracy wingnut Ken Jenkins on RU Sirius' radio show, make time to do so (perhaps while reading a Reason book). This brief moment illustrates why Cavanaugh dines alone at the luncheonette countertop that passes for Reason's Algonquin Roundtable:

I like to take credit for making the first joke on 9/11…I was talking to my brother on the phone and, at the time, as you'll recall, there were a lot of competing claims for responsibility. Somebody said George Habash's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine had claimed responsibility and I said, "But he only claimed responsibility for the one tower. He doesn't know anything about the other one."

The show's host goes on to note, "Tim Cavanaugh was the first person to disprove the theory that irony died on 9/11….The man from Suck, what else can we say…."

Check out the radio show here.

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