Radio Free Astrodome: Update


Yesterday I mentioned that officials had blocked volunteers from setting up a low-power radio outlet for the Astrodome's evacuees. While that station is still being stymied, the good news is that other grassroots information efforts are flowering. Hannah Sassaman of the Prometheus Radio Project writes in an e-mail:

they've handed out thousands of radios already and plan to do more over the weekend. a local station, KPFT, has already dedicated a number of hours a week to programming made by, for, and about the needs, affairs, and stories of displaced people and families. with 8600 people confirmed today by harris county officials still in the astrodome shelter complex, we're exploring a few other options for the LPFM with the FCC, so we'll let you know if there is suddenly a reason to celebrate.

non-astrodome reasons to celebrate: other groups are getting permits to build stations in the hurricane affected regions, including bay st. louis and new orleans itself. and wireless networks are flourishing, allowing families to make VOIP phonecalls and research housing and job options online.

more when we know more!