Letter From a New Orleans Native


In response to this:

There were not only rapes, but gangrapes of children who were then killed. My female cousins were assaulted and barely escaped as some kind bystanders tried to help them only to then be beaten by the gangs. They finally left and hid around the city wherever they could and YES, they heard the gunfire and SAW gangs of mostly young boys with assault weapons who not only fired at each other, but anything that moved including aircraft. They are all safe in Jackson now but they will be traumatized the rest of their lives. These are church-going, strong-willed caring young adults who have lost faith in everything they used to believe in. I personally lost faith in my idiot government a long time ago, having Curious George for a President was ALWAYS a disaster waiting to happen. But I also now view the media with distrust AND disgust after reading your biased column. How dare your magazine call itself "Reason"? You should call it "Stupid Fairy Tales".