Saddam's Next Move (x 20)


Saddam Hussein has confessed to ordering executions and should be hanged "20 times," Jalal Talabani, Iraq's president, has said.

In an interview on Iraqi television on Tuesday night, Mr Talabani said that investigator who had questioned the former Iraqi president had extracted "important signed confessions" from Mr Hussein.

The former leader had confessed to ordering the "Anfal"—a campaign against Kurdish villages between 1987 and 1989 in which up to 180,000 people were reported to have been killed—Mr Talabani told Iraqia state television.

He added: "Saddam deserves a death sentence 20 times a day because he tried to assassinate me 20 times," said Mr Talabani, recalling his days as a Kurdish rebel leader.

Whole Financial Times account here. Isn't this around the time Saddam pulls a page from the Colin Ferguson playbook and insists on acting as his own attorney?