N'Orleans and the 2008 GOP Convention: Laissez les bontemps roulez!


The editors at National Review make the case that the Republicans should hold their 2008 con in The Big Easy:

Critics will call it a transparent attempt to burnish the party's image after the Bush administration "failed" with the initial relief effort. The gesture would, however, reflect the genuine sentiment of Republicans who, like all Americans, want to help a city facing such a bleak future. We heard similar complaints—easily brushed off—about the Republicans' coming to New York for last year's convention.

No doubt there will be logistical problems. There were logistical problems putting on big events in New Orleans even in the best of times. But the Republicans held their convention there in 1988, and should return 20 years later. They will go to a city that then will, no doubt, still be scarred by the catastrophe of the last week, but back on its feet, and a perfect venue for a testament to the American spirit.

More here. If they really want to help a city "facing a bleak future" "after the Bush administration 'failed' with the initial relief effort" and chock full of logistical problems, how about holding the festivities in Baghdad?