Rehnquist Full Coverage


Some samples of Reason stories on the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist and the Supreme Court:

Nick Gillespie and Mark Tushnet discuss Rehnquist's legacy.

Jesse Walker and David Garrow discuss senile justices.

Andrew Napolitano, Nadine Strossen, Mike Godwin, and other luminaries choose their favorite nominees to fill the vacancies.

Damon W. Root makes the case for activist judges.

Cathy Young looks at the conservative wing's effort to buckle up the Fourth Amendment.

William L. Anderson and Candice E. Jackson try to cut through the expanding mass of federal laws.

Richard A. Epstein and Mike Godwin debate Bush v. Gore.

Jacob Sullum considers who the real libertarians are, and says Up with downward departures.

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Rehnquist bobblehead here.