DC SAT Scores Are the Best…at Being the Worst


The Class of 2005 in the District had the lowest overall average SAT score in the country, while its counterparts in Maryland and Virginia remained steady in the verbal and math sections, test scores released yesterday by the College Board show.

D.C. high schools had the lowest overall average score -- 968, according to the College Board, which owns and administers the SAT. Maryland stayed steady at last year's total of 1026, while Virginia's cumulative score was 1030, up six points from last year.

The national average was 1028, up two points from last year. The highest possible score is 1600.

Whole Wash Times bit here.

And guess what, DC spends around $12,000 per K-12 students (in the 2002-03 school year), third only to New Jersey and New Yawk. (The $12K doesn't include capital costs, btw).

Radical idea: Give every kid the $12K to spend on whatever they want. They couldn't spend it worse than what's happening now.