Reason in Las Vegas, November


Reason's Dynamic Cities Conference
Las Vegas
November 4-6, 2005

Join Drew Carey, Christopher Hitchens, Joel Kotkin, Nick Gillespie, Bob Poole, Adrian Moore, Jacob Sullum, David Nott and many others for an interactive weekend of ideas and fun.

How do policies based on freedom and choice make a city great? Where are those cities? Who's winning the War on Pleasure? What can Las Vegas teach the liberals and conservatives who fear and loathe it?

Enjoy Director John Stagliano's award-winning Fashionistas dance show, the spectacular Penn & Teller, poker, shopping, great food, cigars, innovative speakers, panel discussions, and more at Reason's Dynamic Cities Conference and Reason After Dark special events.

November 4-6, 2005
The Mirage
3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

More info here.

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  1. I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was having Drew Carey's lovechild.



  2. Smacky,

    Could you imagine the glasses that poor kid would be saddled with? 🙂

  3. Little kids that wear glasses are so cute.

    Still, the dream was somewhat disturbing.

    Does this package include a hooker? Or is that at additional cost?

  4. $5000??!!!! We're libertarians. Where the hell are we supposed to get that kind of cash? *Waiting for Midas Mulligan to show up with my gold.*

  5. Maybe you could qualify for a federal subsidy, Number 6.

  6. Number6,

    Those are *sponsorship* prices you're looking at. The regular conference is $250, which doesn't include travel fees, hotel, the fancy dinner, or the entertainment. All of that is extra.

  7. Smacky-Ah, I see. I'd still need to hit up the bank of Mulligan. Is Atlantis on the was to Vegas?

  8. Penn, Teller, Hitchens, AND the Fashionistas? I just may have to convert to your cause.

    If only CSPAN would broadcast the whole thing.

  9. Is Jennifer going to be there? If not, why not?

  10. Will Hitchens still show after the spanking he's been getting on H&R?

  11. You know, I keep trying to go to Reason events, but they always wind up being damned expensive. I wanted to go to the Reason weekend starring Steven Pinker last year, but I think there was a $5k tag on that one or they wouldn't let you in.

    Don't get me wrong, the wife and I give to Reason every year, but it will be a while before I can swing the Platinum Defender of Liberty $5000 contribution every year.

    Maybe we just need more levels. You know, for $5000 you get Hitchens, but for $500 you get Gillespie, and for $5.00 you can get yelled at by the cold fusion freak at your local LP gathering.

    Er, no offense there, Nick, just a fame thing, hmm ...

  12. For a mere $50, I'll tapdance at your next local LP gathering. What a deal!

  13. Did anyone other than myself (and presumably Taylor) SEE The Fashonistas?

    Belladonna. Wow. It may well be the first porn flick that DIDN'T stink.

    Of course, if $5000 for Vegas is a bit too much for you, you can always organize Reason events IN YOUR AREA. You may not be able to book such highlights as Drew Carey and Jacob Sullum, but you can go to a local bar and pretend the guy wearing a leather jacket at the other table is Julian Sanchez.

  14. Steven,

    Nick Gillespie is the famed, leather jacket-wearing reason E-I-C.

  15. I was misled. Either way. Pretend he's Nick Gillespie!

  16. Still, Steven - watch out for the waters in the desert, too.

    If the vegas gets appropriately scaled relative to the chicago event, this'll be a blast!

    pigskin bus to tuna town!!!!!!!!!!

  17. drf:

    So, I gather the Chicago event went well?

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