How Can I Blog at a Time Like This?


Gawker and TalkLeft are both fuming that Condi Rice would dare buy shoes and attend a Broadway comedy while people are dying, dying along the Gulf Coast. I guess I should confess, as I blithely sit here typing in the comfort of a distincly non-submerged cafe, that I actually bought a couple CDs and then callously went out for drinks with a couple friends last night. Not even some sort of charity benefit for New Orleans—just a plain old bar. Obviously, I'm hellbound.

Sure, sure, our standard for high-level public servants is different, but I'm with the folks at Wonkette on this one. What, exactly, is the Secretary of State supposed to be doing about domestic disaster relief? It's not her bag, baby. I guess she could (in a non-official capacity) dress in sackcloth and tear at her hair, but it's not clear what good it would do.