Meth Freaks and Other Forms of Law Enforcement


Let's face it: We're all as tired as a long-haul trucker of the latest cycle of methamphetamine-scare stories.

But law enforcement, especially at the federal level, is just getting cranked up, as this Wash Post article makes clear:

400 Arrested in U.S. Methamphetamine Raids:
Administration Launches Web Site Aimed at Teenagers

…Facing growing criticism that the federal government is not doing enough to combat methamphetamine use, the Justice Department yesterday announced the results of a week-long raid of drug suppliers and manufacturers and unveiled a Web site aimed at dissuading teenagers from taking up the drug.

More here. You'll read about a growing number of arrests–a stat easily manipulated by cops and one clearly influenced by media hysteria (if the press says there's a meth panic, we better bust some meth labs, which in turn fuels more press)–but search in vain for any sign of increasing use or devestation linked to meth.

The one novelty here: The unveiling of the taxpayer-funded Web site Just Think Twice, which is aimed at teens and features the old rotting teeth gag as the ultimate anti-meth tactic.

Snort a few lines of recent Reason coverage of Methapalooza 2005 here, here, here, and here. And for a key to understanding the large "new drug of choice" narrative for which the press has a Tony Montana-like appetite, go here.