Oh, Pardon Me


Several Republican appointees in Kentucky's state government have been accused of illegaly replacing state employees with party apparatchiks. Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher has acted quickly to dispel these charges of political nepotism—by granting a blanket amnesty to the accused.

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  1. Probably going to give Bob Taft an idea. The whole Republican party here in the Heart of it All(tm) is rotten from dogcatcher on up. The KY and OH govenors were in a race to see who gets indicted first. Bob won that round.

    But the voters will vote Jesus and they will remain one party states.

  2. Well, as long as the politicians invoke a diety in their speeches they certainly can’t do anything bad or evil, right?

  3. You’re just being cynical….Fletcher, being the moral, virtuous person that he is, merely pardoned them so that they no longer can invoke their 5th amendment right, thus compelling them to testify and actually help the case. And unless I remember incorrectly, didn’t he say that he was going to testify before the grand jury tell them everything he knows? A real stand up guy this Ernie Fletcher — and also, not a Democrat — so let’s all just back off Mr Fletcher wont we please? He’s just looking out for KYs best interests.

  4. From the NY times:

    Mr. Fletcher also said that although he would appear before the grand jury, he would not testify.


    Goes nicely with the GOP Coingate in Ohio next door doesn’t it?

  5. Brian,
    All the more reason to head the the Free State of New Hampshire. Hopefully, I will depart from OH in a few years.


  6. PintofStout,
    What do you know of the libertarian movement down in Costa Rica?
    Research it and get back to me.
    I have good reason to believe there are some free-marketers still ruminating/ambulating down there.
    Have you read “Villa Incognito” by Tom Robbins? There are echoes therein.

  7. What, he never heard of nepotism? What the hell’s happening with the South these days?

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