Encouraging Babies to Take More Steps


LAPD Chief William Bratton says he'd like to change his force's zero-tolerance hiring policy regarding past pot-smoking, and allow for maybe up to 15 past bong hits:

"The reality is, kids today … may in fact have sampled drugs some time in their life," Bratton said this month. "Does that mean we should automatically disqualify them? I don't believe so."

Back when I used to troll the fascinating and now-defunct website LAPD.org, the number-one topic of discussion among all the prospective Joe Fridays out there was how to artfully lie about your prior drug use.

As long as we're rewarding institutions for belatedly embracing the stone-obvious, three cheers for the L.A. Times, for making its lead editorial a withering and detailed call for long-overdue government deregulation of the airline industry.