Misread Misogyny


In the most blatant case of deceptive advertising since my lawsuit against the movie The Never-Ending Story, the Washington Post runs with the headline "Roberts Resisted Women's Rights" for a piece about Bush's Supreme Court nominee.

One such instance of "resistance" was to the concept of "comparable worth" compensation, which Michael Lind at TPM Cafe justly skewers as "an idea so hare-brained it would have delighted Bugs Bunny" that has been "buried and forgotten even by the radical left." The idea, in a nutshell, was that since women often ended up in less remunerative types of jobs than men, the government (or perhaps federal judges) would decide when a job frequently taken by women was of "comparable worth" to a different job more often held by men, and mandate wage parity. In other words, Lind is being generous.

The other scandalous tidbit in this vein is a joking aside in which he wrote:

Some might question whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good, but I suppose that is for the judges to decide.

Maybe I'm crazy or excessively charitable, but that sure sounds like a tongue-in-cheek poke at lawyers, rather than as some kind of troglodytic wish to keep women barefoot and pregnant. There may be other things about Roberts to raise an eyebrow at—other things in that very Post article, even—but this seems like a thin reed to hang opposition on.

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  1. And then there was this lovely Robert’s quote as well:

    [A]nticipating a presidential interview with Spanish Today, he wrote. “I think this audience would be pleased that we are trying to grant legal status to their illegal amigos.”

    I’m sure that was tongue in cheek as well though right?

  2. Julian:

    Thanks for pointing this out. That headline really made me gag, and seriously question the already leftward slant of the rag.

    I think the headline “Roberts expressed skepticism towards special rights and protections” to be much more honest.. but I guess truthfulness isn’t really the issue here (heh heh.. pun..)

  3. Not to mention he subsequently married a lawyer.

  4. It’s mind boggling how old school whitebread Roberts is. He makes John Kerry look like George Clinton.

    Seriously, can’t you picture the guy in an armchair, watching The Price is Right on one of those console TV sets with slippers on?

  5. What is mind boggling to me is why any one would care what ole Uncle Joe has to say. I know no one much cares what I have to say, but Uncle Joe has a stupid comment on nearly every topic and some of you guy act like that comment is important or something.
    I bet as a “city planner”, Uncle Joe is still cranking out those old Soviet style block houses they were known to build after the great patriotic war.
    Silly rabbit.

  6. There’s a pretty decent book out now called “Why Men Earn More” or something like that, and it points out that men are hugely overrepresented in what I’d call “shitty jobs that pay well” — especially dangerous, shitty jobs. Working on offshore oil platforms, mining coal, commercial fishing, etc. On average, men are way more likely to be killed on the job. For that, they make more. Sounds reasonable.

  7. eric, if you get any more witty we might ALL BE KILLED.

  8. Uncle Joe?

    I couldn’t possibly be your uncle, Eric.

    First of all, your mom kicked her sister out bed before the foreplay even ended.

    Second, a woman can’t get pregnant that way, no matter how many times she lets you do it in one night.

  9. Nice Lionel Hutz reference, Julian.

  10. “Uncle Joe” Stalin.
    Must have hit a nerve.

  11. Who is Uncle Joe Stalin?

  12. Roberts is totally white bread and elitist. One of those privileged Ivy types that I will refuse to hire for spite someday when I am king. That said, he is a pretty funny guy for a federal judge. That quote and the one about the “hapless toad” that spends its whole life in California are pretty good. Not quite J. Skelley Wright funny, but pretty funny nonetheless and a hell of a lot better than what we are getting from the Supreme Court now.

  13. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. AKA “Uncle Joe”.

  14. The novelist. Got it.

  15. Anywho… I don’t like Roberts for his politics on abortion, but to attack him for his race… so joe like.

  16. Attack him for his race?

    That’s funny.

    But don’t worry, Eric, we’re lauging WITH you.

  17. Iosif’s last novel was How To Kill Ten Million Of Your Own Comrads With Out Really Trying”.

  18. Dilbert handled the equal pay long ago.

    Woman, Wally and Dilbert at cafeteria lunch table

    Woman (with copy of ESTRO magazine under arm) : Did you know that men earn 25% more than women? Women earn only $.75 for every $1 men make.

    Wally : Actually that’s 33% more.

  19. I’ll attack Roberts’ race. The guy is a total honky. All his chromosomes are bleached. I’m talking white-bread, leave it to beaver, pale ass Al Gore dancing honky. He’s a bigger cracker then I am, and that’s saying something.


    Hey GUY, didn’t you post something about his 4 year old?

  21. Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick has a column up now calling Roberts a woman-hater:
    She thinks it’s ridiculous that this crack could be a lawyer joke, instead of a woman joke. Can she really be that dense?

  22. “Uncle Joe” Stalin.
    Must have hit a nerve.
    Comment by: Eric Atkinson at August 19, 2005 04:24 PM

    Who is Uncle Joe Stalin?
    Comment by: joe at August 19, 2005 04:30 PM

    Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. AKA “Uncle Joe”.
    Comment by: Eric Atkinson at August 19, 2005 04:48 PM

    The novelist. Got it.
    Comment by: joe at August 19, 2005 04:53 PM


  23. I’ve never seen a troll’s hook spit back out before. That was…beautiful.

  24. Just stopping in to say hello, and to say if you know men with male bias child custody issues, please send them to my blog. Thanks. http://feminist4fathers.blogspot.com/

  25. OK, no one is allowed to ever call joe a troll again. That was beautiful!

  26. Am I the only one to call shenanigans on that steal from the Simpsons?

    Other than that, yeah. Absolutely ridicutastic.

  27. One such instance of “resistance” was to the concept of “comparable worth” compensation, which Michael Lind at TPM Cafe justly skewers as “an idea so hare-brained it would have delighted Bugs Bunny” that has been “buried and forgotten even by the radical left.”

    That might be true in the States, but here in B.C., every public sector union demands and usually gets a “pay-equity” clause in their collective agreements. And when it comes time to negotiate for a new one, every attempt by the government to remove that clause is met with protests of sexism.

  28. “Some might question whether encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes to the common good, but I suppose that is for the judges to decide.”

    Ho ho ho, that’s a good one, Rog.

    Hey, did you chaps hear what Rog just said. Ho ho ho!

    Can I get another one of these?

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