Don't Mess With Czech Ravers


On July 30 around 5,000 smart-mobbin' Czech rave kids held their annual CzechTek party out in some field in the middle of nowhere. For no good reason at all, 1,000 cops came and kicked the shit out of 'em. Because Czech ravers are several times smarter (and more fun, and more peaceful) than Czech cops, they took plenty of pictures and video, and now the country has reacted with outrage, with regular protests and calls for various government ministers' heads. Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has done his weenie Social Democratic Party proud by warning that them dang kids were "no dancing children but dangerous people," and that "any analogy drawn with the current savagery of young anarchists [and the students beaten on Nov. 17, 1989] is absolutely wrong and expedient." More links and commentary here.

And what of the Czech Republic's freedom-loving, substance-sampling ex-president Vaclav Havel? He demonstrated with the kids outside the Interior Ministry, and said (in classic Havelese) that the crackdown

was an attack against a kind of authentic togetherness, an authentic community, ie something which in this age—filled as it is with egoism and cynicism—society desperately needs.

His rival ex-commie Vaclav, President Klaus, has also criticized the cops, but not before giving a none-too-subtle dig at his predecessor:

Klaus said the problem should not be narrowed to the debate on the possible usefulness or unusefulness of "the subculture of techno fans in our cynical times."

NEXT: What's in the Water?

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  1. Dude, is gaius Vaclav Havel?

    I’m 3rd gen Czech, and I’d really like to visit. I’ve always heard it’s a great place. Too bad this had to happen.

    And to ravers! I’m a raver, and I’m not going to get violent on anybody…yet.

  2. Man, all those hippies reminded me, 10 years ago today, Jerry Garcia passed away. RIP, buddy, and rock the fuck on Czech hippies. I’m not the superstitious type, but I still hope that chubby bearded guy is up in the sky watching out for you.

    “Standing on the moon
    With nothing else to do
    A lovely view of heaven
    But I’d rather be with you…”

  3. I for one welcome our new sousveillance overlords.

  4. Seriously, is there anybody cooler and more righteous than Vaclav Havel? Strongly anti-communist, a brave actor against a corrupt state, a serious and competent national leader, and always willing to stand up for what is right. I recall some time ago some people were bandying his name around for U.N. Secretary General. No way he would he get it, of course, since he is too honest and forthright, but what a guy! Can he get American citizenship and run for president? What party would he run under (assuming, of course, the he would not run as a Libertarian because he would want to win 🙂 )

  5. Swede — He’s always refused membership in political parties.

  6. Thanks for the info, Matt! I did not know that. Of course, that justmakes him all that much more cooler. So, let’s rephrase the question (come kids, this will be fun!)– If Havel was going to run for President of the U.S., which political party (major or minor) would try to recruit him because he fits their platform “so well?”

  7. is there anybody cooler and more righteous than Vaclav Havel? Strongly anti-communist,

    You can’t be cool and anti-communist.

  8. Swede,

    Can he get American citizenship and run for president?

    No. To be President you have to be born as an American.

  9. Hakluyt,

    Not if Orrin Hatch gets his way and somehow a Constitutional Amendment gets passed. :-p

  10. Hakluyt,

    Ummm, yeah, I knew that. I have no excuse except for the fact that I am a fucking moron. Thanks for pinting out my obvious error. So, let’s get Havel citizenship and have him run as governor or something (yeah, not as cool as President, so just forget the whole thing. I’m gong to go take a nap know.)

  11. Plus, since he wasn’t born here we’d need an amendment. On top of that, Americans don’t really want freedom, so…

  12. Oh, cross-posted…

  13. Shawn – Orrin Hatch better watch his ass, cuz Mark Cuban’s gettin ready to kick it! And Cuban, maybe tactically smarter than Soros in his effort to topple a sole figure, is sponsoring the Republican primary challenger AND the Dem in the general election. Apparently he’s pissed about Hatch’s stance on file sharing and his desire to destroy any computer with illegally downloaded material.

    Cuban: You know, the music industry doesn’t represent artists. They own copyrights. Is there a good reason why copyrights should last until death, plus 75 years?
    You want to own your stuff, but you don’t need it for 75 years after you’re dead. And so you have got these politicians who are just back-pocket boys and the irony of it all is you have got Orrin Hatch as a Republican protecting Democratic Hollywood. He’s just an idiot.

  14. “authentic togetherness?”

    Just make sure you drink plenty of water in the chill out room, Mr. Prime Minister.

  15. Thanks Matt, this is now front page at

  16. Nope, no one cooler than Vaclav Havel. There is not a soul in the world whom I would be more excited to have crash at my place.

    Vaclav, if you’re reading this…

  17. He’s always refused membership in political parties.

    This makes it sound like no party will have him.

  18. I love the dark helmets the cops are wearing. They’re so…big. But how can they breath in those things?!

  19. This picture is particularly scary – it looks like a scene from some dystopian sci-fi movie.

  20. In line with raves, that statement reads like Havel was on some major ecstacy when he said it. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. I’m kinda sad that I’m too old to really enjoy the ecstacy/rave thing.

  21. The Czech Republic has clearly been taken over by Cartman.

    The other day I tried impressing a Czech girl at an amusement park with my smattering of Czech. Later, I realized that I had said “Czechoslovakia” instead of “Czech Republic”, D’oh! Stupid American!

  22. O.K. Mr. Nice Guy,

    Imagine this:

    A single Czech cop, wearing one of those awesome big black helmets stands in the middle of the desert on top of a large sand dune and yells,


    In the distance, two Czech cops, in unison reply,


    Gotta love that good ole’ Mel dont’cha?

  23. CzechTek 2005, a technoparty name was yet another extension of these kind of people pilgrimage to the Czechlands as they know and said that last year to the local media: “In the West they (police) would kick us out and disperse in a couple of hours. Here the police just styands by, that’s why we come back every year”. Guess what? After last year (Sptermebr 2004 to be exact) ODS (Civic Democatic Party), a party od coat-changing communist-era managers and new “byznissmens”, founded by that hard-working chameleon and opportunist under any regime and without a spine, current president (put in office by MPs from his old ODS and KSCM, unreformed communist party) were all over themselves calling on the (social-democrats) government and the police for beeing “too soft and passive” against drug-an-masse consuming, landscape devastating, DUI cars and car junks operating CzechTek 04 participants. This year, sensing a populist opportunmity before the next year general elections, Klaus (who should be above political party politics yet still is more that Honoray Chairman of ODS) and ODS themselves threw away for the moment their “law and order” “protect private property” rightist matra and to great dispeasure of their voters and scorn of the rest present themselves like soulmates of the hippies or “dancing children”. Tasteless from Klaus, he outdid himself (if that’s possible).

  24. you have to believe and accept someone have some special talents that you can not catch up with……

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