Australian for Beer Ad, Mate


Via To the People comes a link to the Best. Beer. Ad. Ever. From Australia, a country that has yet to make a watchable movie about their highwayman cum national hero Ned Kelly (hmm, sort of like all those great Geo. Washington biopics the U.S. has churned out).

Move over, battery-shill Jacko. Throw yourself on the barbie, Paul Hogan. Keep sleeping the big sleep, Michael Hutchence. The Aussies haven't been this good since the Road Warrior (and those very special Facts of Life Downunder episodes).

Go here for the ad (note: disable pop-up blocker first and download the streaming vid program).

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  1. You would download software from someone you know nothing about just to view a funny ad? No wonder the world is infested with spyware.

  2. The ad wasn’t that great, Joe B. You didn’t miss much.

  3. Doesn’t seem to work in Firefox.

  4. Um, ok. Too bad the company apparently had no clue regarding how to allow to the commercial to play in normal media players. Neat concept, but far from the “best beer ad ever”. “Wasabi” comes to mind.

  5. But Joe B., it’s verified by VeriSign!!!


  6. Bah. I’ll still take the frogs.

  7. fuck y’all haters. that was funny.

  8. It worked for me, and I have Firefox. Not that I can tell you why it worked for me. Anyway, it was certainly the biggest ad I’ve ever seen for beer.

  9. ooooh you are so big…

    and the ad certainly was… expensive.

    it’s like the ad for coke filmed at old town square in prague. neat concept. dhex: agreed.

  10. Funny? Kind of. Best beer ad ever? Not by a long shot. The O Fortuna montage has been spoofed way too many times in the past for that.

  11. mmm… I love me a tall glass of Orff in the morning…

  12. Whatta bunch of sadsacks!

  13. But what does “made from beer” mean? Is that a joke, or a product of some weird Aussie food/beverage regulation?

  14. Nick, Nick, Nick,…
    No watchable movie about Ned Kelly????

    The 1970 production starring Mick Jagger was not only watchable, but extrememly listenable with songs written by Shel Silverstein and sung by Waylon Jennings!!!

    A clip of Jagger’s own rendition of “Wild Colonial Boy” would have been more entertaining than that alimentary effort of a beer ad.

  15. that was great. certianly better than most of the American beer commericals of late. The Coors “wing-man” commercial is probably the best in my book.

  16. That rocked! Very Lord of the Rings (shot across the Tasman Sea in NZ, although this ad might well have been shot there itself).

    Having the beer people gesticulate and gyrate wildly to me signified carbonation, and I loved it.

    Liked the final shot with the Maori guy in it, too. Yeah, I bet it was shot it NZ.

  17. Come on guys, that was a pretty good beer ad. At least worth a smile. One of my favorite beer ads is here.

    It isn’t appropriate for anyone with good taste (rated R), most chicks, all kids. I’m only going to leave it up for a short time–so by tomorrow the link won’t work.

    If you think you will be offended by the ad you will be so don’t click.

    The ad also appears on the ‘R’ section of but I didn’t want to make passwords available on a public BB although if you ask I’ll give you one.

  18. The best Ausie ad ever was the one for the salmon company where the dude fights the bear for the salmon. This one doesn’t hold a candle to that one.

  19. The best beer ad I ever saw was a miller lite commercial about ‘evil beaver’ and the evil beaver would steal your beer and some dude with a peg leg was drinking a beer and the beaver ate the leg and stole the beer, i only saw it once, i think they pulled it, but if you google it there are sites that have it (i think they cost $ though)

  20. Unctorious —

    Evil Beaver was unbelievably funny.

  21. When I was in college in the 80s, my marketing professor showed us tapes of some Miller ad campaign from the 70s (I think). All of the commercials involved historical figures and were amazingly funny. The professor was showing them to us to demonstrate that “funny” doesn’t necessarily equal “successful” when it comes to advertising. Anyway, I can’t remember them very clearly, but I do recall one with Alexander the Great where he keeps saying, “That’s great”.

  22. The best Ausie ad ever was the one for the salmon company where the dude fights the bear for the salmon.

    I liked that too. Except I was under the impression that the ad was Canadian, with a Brit narrator.

    The best beer ad I ever saw was a miller lite commercial about ‘evil beaver’… if you google it there are sites that have it

    I’m still at work, and there is no way in hell I am going to Google the words “evil beaver.”

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