Speaking of Richard Epstein…


He's been having an extended and interesting exchange at the Point of Law blog with Stephen Presser that's worth checking out.

NEXT: Hawaiians-Only Policy Canned

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  1. Epstien makes a good point, but what makes our Senators so charming and endearing is their apoplectic spasms of indignation. And that Sen. Shumer, what a peach. Hey, don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary.

  2. By the way, anybody see Hillary up close recently? Good fucking God!

  3. We had a State Senator who, as she got older, had her campaign photo taken from an increasingly greater distance until she was no longer in the picture.

  4. I’ve become bored with those Hakluyt vs. David discussions. I’ll think I’ll have a saw-whet vs. saw-whet debate. *I hope I win.*

  5. saw-whet, you’re obviously a complete fool who doesn’t understand the brilliant argument saw-whet is making.

  6. saw-whet, you should really read every back issue of the Economist (going back to 1900) before you try to argue against saw-whet’s excellent point!

    As to saw-whet: You rock! You totally demolished saw-whet’s argument!

  7. Normally, I would say it’s very wrong to post under another person’s handle, but wouldn’t it be cool if everyone who posted on this thread signed as “saw-whet”?

  8. This is juvenile. I’m canceling my subscription.

  9. Solipsist.


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