One Girl Gang


Fresno, California, police sent three squad cars and a helicopter to arrest Maribel Cuevas. Is she an armed robber? A terrorist? No, she's an 11-year-old girl who threw a rock and hit one of several boys who had pelted her with water balloons. When she saw she'd hit the boy, who admitted he started the fight, she quickly sought help and apologized. But when officers arrived they grabbed her, pushed her to the ground and one out a knee into her back to restrain her. They then handcuffed her and put her into a police car. Her mother, who says the police pushed her away when she tried to go to her, says Maribel's wrists were bruised from the handcuffs. Maribel, who was kept in juvenile hall without contact from her parents for five nights, now faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon.