Why We Love Celebrity Activists


Oxfam is launching a celebrity ad campaign to fight agricultural subsidies. Poverty-conscious stars will be doused in ag products like coffee, milk, cocoa, and sugar; among the dumped on are Coldplay's Chris Martin (who is very confused), Colin Firth, and Minnie Driver. Sez Ms. Driver:

"People think more aid will help, but it won't….Trade is the surest way of decreasing the savage amount of poverty in our world. These countries have got to be able to trade fairly."

Scary times. What if Hollywood activists all started making sense? Happily, her decision to be dumped with cotton seems decidedly half-assed:

Ms. Driver said she chose that agricultural product because she needed to remain relatively clean after her photograph, since she was in the middle of a press tour for a London play.

Via Samizdata.