More '90s Nostalgia


In the latest L.A. Weekly, Ben Ehrenreich details the factional squabbles besetting the Minutemen, that small band of vigilantes devoted to keeping undocumented Mexicans out of the country. Which reminds me of something I've been meaning to get off my chest for a while: Ten years ago, America's right-wing paramilitaries were so anti-government, they thought that driver's licenses were an unbearable infringement on their liberties. Now they're out on the border HELPING THE FEDS ENFORCE THEIR REGULATIONS. What the hell's up with that?

Granted, there's not necessarily much overlap between the two groups. But one has supplanted the other in the mass media, the public imagination, and the affection of the right-wing radio hosts—and so help me, I think I miss the days when I felt a certain kinship with the crazies.