Meet Your Fellow Reasonoids


Comment thread regular Jennifer is trying to set up a meetup in Manhattan sometime in late August. E-mail her for details and to chime in with time/date/location suggestions. Commneter drf is trying to set up the same sort of event at the Windy City's Goose Island Brewery, also in late August, for Chicago area 'noids. Contact him if you're interested.

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  1. And to any creepy lurkers who intend on messing with the Jennifer, keep in mind there are LIBERTARIANS going to this thing. Drugged, drunk, angry, and armed. >:|

  2. Forgive the threadjack, but blah blah blah blah blah.

  3. ...just look for the eight guys trying to top each other with H.P. Lovecraft quotes, sitting with a girl drinking heavily.

  4. Where it be?

  5. You guys should have the meeting on a subway platform. Wear bulky jackets, carry big bags, and see if you can't talk Mo into joining.

    And wear your Fourth Amendment t-shirts.

  6. ...standing on the platform muttering "durka durka, mohammad jihad..."

    i know jack squat about hp lovecraft, except that he hated seafood.

  7. ...and if a cop approaches just yell "Allahu Akbar!"

    And if a certain poster is in the subway station she'll shout "That's it! I'm cancelling my subscription!"

    Seriously, though, I might be coming up to Manhattan in early September to visit friends and meet with a research collaborator at NYU. Don't do it in September on my account, but if it happens to work out I'll definitely be there!

  8. Jennifer and company are headed down a slippery slope. Forsaking the anonymity of the internet? May I humbly suggest that you consider making this a costume party?

    Another problem is you might end up liking one another. This would take all the sizzle out of the comment threads.

  9. Manhattan, Kansas?

  10. And so the train wreck begins...

  11. uh, we won't have to fill our bags with all that nasty stuff you guys were talking about, will we?

  12. Am I the only midwestern, non-New Yawk hick that came through these parts, besides drf? I'm actually going to be in Chicago in late August (lived there for several years), just depends on how you define "late".

    Being an ertswhile cartoonist, it might make for some good material ...

  13. "commneter drf". sounds scary.

  14. What if I show up and the only person there is Gary Gunnels? And then it turns out that he's also Jennifer, kwais, joe, etc.?

    I went hiking with Mr. Nice Guy recently, and we joked about "How do I know you're not really Gary Gunnels?" I said something negative about the French, and he didn't react. So I'm pleased to report that MNG is not GG ;->

    I suggest that the Manhattan gathering include some French-bashing, just to verify that Gunnels isn't there ;->

  15. Alas...nobody wants to meet in Fat Teddy country.

  16. How about the Gulf Coast? Any cajun contry reasonoids out there?

  17. thoreau,

    How can any of us be sure we're not alternate gunnels personae?

  18. Wasn't there some talk of a Seattle meetup as well?

  19. David-

    Well, I know that I'm not Gunnels, but you have no reason to believe me. If you aren't Gunnels then you know that you aren't, but I have no reason to believe you.

    If you and I met in person that would still be true. But if you and I met in person and a third poster also showed up then I could be certain that at least one of you isn't Gunnels.

    I'm sure there's lot's of philosophical issues involved here that Gunnels could help us work through.

  20. Another problem is you might end up liking one another. This would take all the sizzle out of the comment threads.

    I agree with Crushinator on this one. Also, meeting me in person would totally deflate my assinine jokes, because I'm actually not funny in person at all.

    As an aside, I've never been to NY,NY before. I might be able to make a trip in September...although Chicago is probably closer for me. (Ohio, The Heart of It All! Which way will I go? Nobody knows...)

    I think Gary Gunnels is like Kaiser Sose from "The Usual Suspects"...even if he did meet us as a group, we would undoubtedly never know.

    Also, What's Fat Teddy country?

  21. I'm a sweet midwestern girl, Born Again Icon. I'm often in NYC in late August, however, so depending on the where and when, I might be able to make it.

  22. OK, sorry for thread-jacking there. Let's pretend I never posted any of that.

    Anyway, if you schedule this for September that will be one more incentive for me to get this project to a point where I can go to NYU in September. This is an old project that I'm wrapping up from my Ph.D., so it takes lower priority than my NIH stuff. But if it gets to the point where I can use it as a valid excuse to go to NYC for this meeting, then I'm more likely to get my butt in gear and move on it.

  23. so...who's going to make up the "I am not the Gunnels" shirts?

  24. I would prefer shirts that say, "Not Gary".

  25. dhex, that's brilliant! I'd pay for one.

    Hell, I'm tempted to start an H&R store on CafePress. Don't worry, I won't use any trademarked Reason logos. I don't even have to use "Hit and Run."

    Here's an idea: Let's come up with slogans and get CafePress to put them on shirts. We buy the shirts, and the profits will subsidize our gathering.

    "I am not the Gunnels."

    "Who is Jean Bart?"

    "Even joe is right twice a day."

    "Kerry would be worse."


  26. thoreau, "How do I know you're not really Gary Gunnels?".

    Come to that, how do we know we're not all ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON with some kind of advanced mental illness?

  27. Todd-

    How do I know we aren't all in the Matrix?

  28. What's Fat Teddy country?

    It's where Fat Teddy is from.

  29. Will Hakluyt have one that says "Was Gary"?

    Most weekends are fine for me, but I haven't very far to travel.

  30. Any Iowegians out there?


    You sure?


  31. thoreau,

    "I'm just a pot-smoking, Libertarian exotic dancer."

    "Why do you hate freedom?"

    "You'll pry ________ from my cold, dead hands."

  32. Come to that, how do we know we're not all ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON with some kind of advanced mental illness?

    Todd Fletcher,

    That's what I was going for. In which case, the only place we could meet is a mirror.

  33. Come to that, how do we know we're not all ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON with some kind of advanced mental illness?

    That explains a lot. We feel much better all of a sudden.

  34. i'm still a little apprehensive about all this "commneter" stuff.

  35. Good luck integrating me, doc.

  36. " Another problem is you might end up liking one another. This would take all the sizzle out of the comment threads."

    Nah, as we drink together we would learn personal stuff about eachother. The the threads about politics would have even more spark as they would include personal attacks.

    If I am in the US when the meetings happen I will be there, (inshallah).

  37. dhex, thass brilliant!

    Fry mah hide!

    I'd pay fo' one.

    Hell, ah's tempped t'start an H&R sto'e on CafePress. Don't wo'ry, ah won't use enny trademarked Reason logos. ah doesn't even hafta use "Hit an' Run, as enny fool kin plainly see."

    Here's an idea: Less come up wif slogans an' git CafePress t'put them on shirts. We buy th' shirts, an' th' profits will subsidize our gatherin'.

    "ah's not th' Gunnels."

    "Who is Jean Bart?"

    "Even joe is right twice a day."

    "Kerry'd be wo'se."


  38. Anyone else in the Pittsburhg area? Maybe all three of us can get together 🙂

  39. Smacky,
    Can I be a quixotic dancer instead? It's for the children. 😉

  40. joe-

    I'm just teasing. I like your contributions here, even when I disagree with you.

  41. "I'm just a pot-smoking, Libertarian exotic dancer."

    I knew I forgot something: Sorry, it should have said,

    "I'm just a pot-smoking, atheist, Libertarian exotic dancer."

    (props Jennifer!)

  42. Anyone else in the Pittsburhg area? Maybe all three of us can get together 🙂


    Pittsburgh would be much easier for me than Chicago or Manhattan. Of course, it would be a lot less exciting than NY or Chicago, but maybe I can make a big trip (NY or Chicago) and a little trip (Pitt).

  43. Philip Elliott
    I`ll go for the Gulf Coast as long as it`s along the Redneck Riviera , say Port Lavaca , Texas

  44. Thoreau, those shirts are the best (!) but you forgot:

    "say no to the post-hegelian culture of techne!"

    Anyway, I'm up for a beer in Chicago and/or Pittsburgh.

  45. Come to that, how do we know we're not all ACTUALLY THE SAME PERSON with some kind of advanced mental illness?

    Obligatory Monty Python quote:

    Brian (to adoring crowd): You've got to think for yourself! You are all individuals!
    Crowd (in unison): Yes, we are all individuals!
    Brian (to adoring crowd): You are all different!
    Crowd (in unison): Yes, we are all different!
    Single voice (from within the crowd): I'm not.
    Crowd (in unison):SHH!

  46. That's EX-exotic dancer, Smacky. These days, except for the bit about being a pot-smoking atheist Libertarian who curses too much and lives in sin and works in advertising, I'm totally respectable.

    And thanks to Julian for making this thread. I imagine it's because everybody else was tired of seeing the same comment posted in all the threads. By the way, we're looking at late August at the EARLIEST, because a Reason staffer who plans to go will be out of the country before then. But I'd be glad to wait until September, not only for Thoreau's sake but because the Metro-North trains have crummy air-conditioning and August is bound to be hot.

    Now feel free to make jokes about how Libertarians are so dysfunctional that even their SOCIAL SECRETARY is a confirmed misanthrope.

  47. Any graphic designers interested in doing the shirts? I could do them myself, but they wouldn't be as nice.

  48. I guess this is the libertarian version of those cruises that Salon and National Review organize?

  49. My god, you creeps are booking plane flights to meet up with each other?

    I, for one, am holding out for the H&R cruise.

  50. I'll give it a shot. I was a graphic design major for a few years

  51. Thoreau,

    I'm a product and graphic designer. Email me the details.


    drf and I are working on scheduling drinks with Chicago H&R-ers (Hit & Runners? Hitters & Runners?), Reasonoids.

    at GOOSE ISLAND BREWERY (near North & Clybourn) near the END OF AUGUST.

    We want suggestions for a firm date, and who would be interested in attending. drf is spam-blocked from posting at the moment but requests that people respond to him,

    Also, THOREAU, you are being paged. Please email drf and report to the office immediately.


  53. Well, I will likely be in the Chicago area on Sunday or monday, hopefully drf, linguist and some others will be around to have some drinks then.

    If I am still in the country when the big get together happens in Chicago, and Manhanttan, put my name down on the list.

  54. Goose island? Good call! Count me in. How's August 27th?

  55. Any Kansas City area people? If not, Chicago could be a possibility. I'll be in Atlanta for part of August, though, so I'd have to check the timing.

  56. Ira-
    This whole thing came about by accident, actually. Near as I recall, various locals were griping on the thread about how you can't ride the trains in or into New York without having your bags searched. Somebody made a vague "we oughtta get together" comment; I made an equally vague "yeah, that would be nice;" a third person said, more specifically, "so how would we organize this?" and I mentioned that my email address was real. Thus began the deluge.

  57. i'm going to take a shot at a notgary or i am not the gunnels shirt this weekend. (cafepress of course!)

  58. I mentioned that my email address was real. Thus began the deluge.

    So am I to expect a deluge of email when I get a real email address? Funny, that.

  59. By the way, we haven't worked out the details yet; the idea is to wait one more day, find out who-all is coming, and then send out a mass e-mail to all participants asking for suggestions as to exact time and place. I have some familiarity with the city, but not nearly enough to suggest a suitable meeting place.

    Another thing--if you e-mail me, please mention your posting name, or if you are a lurker, so I'll know who you are. Right now, in addition to me and Jeff, there's Dhex, Rhywun, Eric II, JD, Thoreau (schedule permitting) and a Reason staffer whose name I won't mention because name-dropping is vulgar, but it sort of rhymes with "Badly Hung."

  60. So, I'm thinking of 3 shirts right now:

    1) "Who is Jean Bart?"

    2) "Not Gunnels."

    3) "The Top 10 Reasons to post on Hit and Run"
    (If there are trademark issues there I'd change it to "The top 10 Reasons to post on libertarian blogs".)

    Suggestions for the top 10 reasons?

    Mine include: "Even the lefties are right twice a day!"

    "You can learn a lot if you just read between the Gunnels."

    "Sex, drugs, and really geeky rock 'n' roll!"

    "Just as many fat guys with beards as any other forum, but ours are honest about it!"

    "Where else will people laught at your Ayn Rand jokes?"

  61. pencil me in for Chicago.

    These may not be of interest to anyone else...

    (back)I NEED A DRINK

    and a personal favorite if long out of use

  62. If you people are all out galavanting around Manhattan and Chicago and Pittsburg you'll be leaving me here all by myself with GG and joe and gaius. I don't mind being stuck with joe, but gaius will tell me I'm being too much of an individual for not going along with the pack and then in my weakened state GG will probably berate me to death. If you come back and the place is on fire it's NOT MY FAULT!

  63. smacky, maybe we'll need to have a local libertarian cowboys-fan-bashing.

  64. Wow Ira, we were on the same page for that one.

  65. Zach, are you a Clevelander?

  66. zach,

    Your last comment to me was over my head.

    The Mad Scientist,

    In which part of the country do you live?

  67. "but it sort of rhymes with "Badly Hung.""


  68. dhex-

    If you create the shirts yourself let me know. It will save me and wellfellow the trouble.

    Since we're now all about getting in touch with each other, I'm using my real email address. No more "myob@myob.myob".

    If I start getting more spam I'll change it again, but for now it's the real address.

  69. I will say, it's very interesting meeting someone who previously only existed in cyber-world. Given his mature and thoughtful posts, I assumed Dr. T would be at least 10 years older then me. It turned out to be the OTHER way!

    In a certain role-playing game (yes, I'm flashing my nerd card here) there can only be X amount of supernatural beings that a city of X population can sustain. If there is an excess of these beings, then chaos ensues. It makes me think that gathering so many Libertarians in one space can have some deep metaphysical consequences! Be wary.

    Seriously, DC is the power center of the world. The lion's den. We should have something here!

  70. Smacky,


  71. i'm from philly. i think i remember you saying you were from there in another thread, smacky. or maybe that was someone else with an "S" name.

  72. Well, I can see Second City gets NO RESPECT around here, what with the mispellings and all!!

    The tourists love it there. Especially Ohioans.

    A few years ago, when I was at Great Lakes Naval Base for an annual Training(an hour or so north of O'Hare Airport), a senior petty officer from Ohio was in town and met up with me so that I could show him downtown Chicago and grab a couple of beers.

    When we got into the part of downtown where the Cabrini Green inner city housing projects (Jane Byrne's home away from home) were located, I said in passing "That's Cabrini Green, which is were the black family in the 70s show 'Good Times' supposedly lived at."

    He's snapping his camera away and doing the tourist bit, when I joked "And in honor of situating the show here, Richard J. Daley had a huge bronze statue of Jimmie 'JJ' Walker erected right here in the projects."

    At this point he screams, "Really??!! STOP THE CAR!! I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE JIMMY WALKER STATUE!!"

    After nearly choking to death from laughter, I said, "Dude, there is NO Jimmy Walker statue ANYWHERE in America, let alone inner city Chicago."

    So, whatever big city you meet in, invite some Ohioans. They're bound to provide plenty of unintentional entertainment.

  73. I live in Chicago, but will be in Vegas 8/26-8/28. any chance at a different weekend?

    p.s. i swear i'm not gunnels!!

  74. I'll be in DC sometime in the fall for a wedding...although I don't know if I could legitimately coerce my friend who will be with me to spend time at a gathering of Libertarians, especially since he's politically indifferent.

    and thoreau wins the award for comment #69.

    Born Again Iconoclast,

    All 3 times I've been to Chicago I've enjoyed myself. Sometimes I do feel a little backwoods living in Cleveland, since all the other bigger big cities I go to are cleaner, wealthier, and on the whole more interesting.

  75. Eek, the Goose Island Brewery? They don't let my kind in there. That may be the only bar in Chi that I've never had a drink in.

  76. B A I,
    My experience suggests that the relevant attribute is 'petty officer' vice 'Ohioan'.

  77. smacky:

    I think Jennifer said something about frequenting DC. Of course, Dr. T is here. And aren't there a few Reason lords who live here as well?

    Of course, with "Badly Hung" on the card, I'm actually considering the four-hour drive to NYC.

    If we can get enough of us together, we can re-create that scene from "Spartacus". We each stand up and yell "I'M NOT GARY GUNNELS" "NO, I'M NOT GARY GUNNELS!"


  78. Warren...

    is the Doot doodle thing a Mancow reference?

  79. In NYC, I suggest TJ's on 70th (it's small, they let you smoke) or Gael Pub on 83rd. Just my 2 cents from years of underage drinking in New York.

  80. Hydro: Maybe we should plan it for Houston? I think other people in here (besides me) live in Houston...Than again, I kinda like Port Lavaca.

    Then again, more bars in Houston.

  81. Mr. Nice Guy--
    No, I'm in Connecticut. But I used to live in Virginia and would often visit DC, which is maybe where you got that impression.

  82. Well, I can see Second City gets NO RESPECT around here, what with the mispellings and all!

    Somebody misspelled Boston? 😉

  83. DC? Guys, we have huge Reason happy hours in D.C. at least every couple months, and a good percentage of the time they're announced here on H&R. Just come to one of those. That way the liberal lurkers can hang out with our lefty journalist friends instead of getting stuck in some interminable debate about the minimum wage or something.

  84. Julian-

    When's the next one?

  85. Jennifer:

    Crap. My lurkers informed me that your new job had you traveling to DC. I need to fire those creeps! 😉

  86. Is anyone interested in a Seattle based get-together? My email address is real. I wouldn't mind being the contact for such a gathering.

    Although I live on the brown side of the evergreen state, I am willing to cross the mountains to meet other reasonoids and reasonettes.

  87. linquist,
    Mancow? (will google after posting)
    No, I got a lot of mileage out of DDDDDDDDD during the Cal. Governor recall.

  88. we sure were, BP, and I was wondering if Penn and Teller were going to be the celebrity guests until I saw that "well hung" has that honor.

  89. Can't you all see what they're trying to do? They WANT us to gather in person in large groups. On the internet we have our anonymity but if they can get us to all gather in one place they'll finally be able to drug and brainwash us like they've been trying to do!

    Fuck! Where's my tinfoil hat?

  90. "I got Gunneled on H&R"

  91. Has the Reason staff ever considered requiring accounts to post here, like I dunno, every other board? Granted, it would make such fun as "Not Gunnels" meaningless, but it would solve some problems.

  92. Nice Guy-

    Seriously? That's almost spooky--I probably will be travelling to the DC area at some point, since my company's biggest client is there, but I don't think I EVER mentioned that here.

  93. thoreau: i'll see if i can crack something out this saturday. it may just suck, iirc, cafe press gives you some weird dimensions (like 4 inches square on the front and 6 x 2 on the back or something like that) but i'm thinking a NOTGARY on the front with "I am not the gunnels" on the back.

    re: everyone else -- libertarians who need libertarians are the luckiest peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    it's hard living in the ny see. all the liberals think i'm nuts and all the conservatives think i'm nuts and all the conspiracy freaks think i'm soft on the illuminati-nazi-bush connection.

  94. I would like to invite all of you, my friends, to a Libertarian Cruise through the Bermuda Triangle. Please reply if you can attend. The name of the ship is "Titanic II". We'd like to see as many libertarians attend as is possible.

  95. speaking of bars:

    grassroots tavern, down on st. marks, always nice and quiet and has a popcorn machine!

  96. Rhywun,
    Problems like what? We probably think of them as features.

  97. I'd like to meet some of the crew. Coming from N. KY just outside of Cincy, I dunno if any of the venues in question are feasible. Too, I'll be in Ecuador the last two weeks of August. I have some in laws in Chicago, though. Hmm. Thinking out loud.

    If anyone wants to contact me, my email, minus the 'nospam' is real.

  98. Born Again Iconoclast,

    What do you mean SECOND CITY gets no respect? What's up with dissing Ohioans?! I'm _looking forward to meeting you in person_!

    (Native Buckeye transplanted to Chicago via London, New York, Detroit.) - Leslie

  99. I still doubt that there are many Reasonoids in Missouri, but my e-mail is real, and I'm willing to act as POC if anyone's interested in a middle-Midwest shinding.

    If I were a richer man, I'd be tempted to hop a flight to NY for that gathering. But I'm a starving writer, so that's out the window.

  100. I like Jason's idea. My email address is real if you take out the "nospam." part. It won't stop intelligent spammers, but it will thwart bots.

  101. Jennifer:

    I don't remember exactly in what context, but you did mention traveling to DC when you landed your new gig. Sorry! Didn't mean to spook you! 🙂

  102. As I said in another thread, I'm out.

    1) I live in Phoenix
    2) I'm going to San Francisco in late August/Early September

    Maybe next time!

  103. I think we should set one condition for the NYC bar - no internet jukebox. All the libertarians I know have specific and eclectic musical tastes, and it can get pretty ugly if one person wants Nine Inch Nails and the another wants Indigo Girls.

  104. Problems like what? We probably think of them as features.

    Problems like figuring out whether hakluyt is bart is gunnels. Yeah, not really a "problem", I agree. Also, a registration system is not foolproof. Forget I mentioned it 🙂

  105. Say, another possiblity might be an annual event at one of the Reason Foundation functions. They tend to be pricey, though.

    Cheaper is the annual Foundation for Economics Education ( Fest. I've been to Vegas twice for that one. Got to meet Ron Paul, David Friedman, Gordon Tullock, and several other interesting folks there.

  106. Randolph-
    Was it you who e-mailed me to suggest an NYC bar where smoking is still allowed? THAT would be awesome, from my perspective.

  107. didn't e-mail, but suggested it earlier on this thread. The place is called TJs - it has the funniest (and most depressing, in retrospect) regulars I've ever met. One of them has told me every year for the past 4 years that he's "moving to Seattle next year"

  108. i'll happily represent the lurkosphere in NYC.

    i'll sit quietly in the corner.

    you won't even notice me.

  109. So when all these people meet in NYC what evil oath are they going to have to agree to in order to keep up the deception that Jennifer is a woman and not the 50 year old bald guy that the discerning among us believe she actually is? And what will be the reward for doing so?

  110. that's creepy!

    ^_^ (nervous laughter)

  111. douglas: membership is its own reward.

  112. If somebody shows up under one name, then disappears, and later in the evening somebody who looks the same except for a fake mustache shows up under a different name, I'm going to be mighty suspicious! also makes thongs and boxer shorts with slogans on them. Any proposals for the H&R slogans on those items of apparel?

  113. This whole thread may as well have been written by Woody Allen and then edited by David Boaz.

  114. "I, for one, welcome our new totalitarian underwears."

  115. Hey Stubby,
    In Houston you`ve got Shelia Jackson Lee , in
    Port Lavaca we`ve got RON PAUL!!!!!
    nough said.

  116. Stubby, Hydro

    I do make it to houston on occasion, once a month or so. any suggestions for a place to meet? Maybe we can find some of those " pot-smoking, atheist, Libertarian exotic dancers" i've been hearing about...

  117. I think the "Not Gunnels" shirt should be revised to:

    Not Gunnels

  118. I'm glad Doug reminded me. To maintain the illusion I've so assiduously cultivated here, I have about a month to lose 150 pounds, get a sex-change operation, get hair implants, grow the implants out to about 18 inches in length, and dye the hair red.


  119. Oh, and a face-lift.

    Double shit.

  120. Anyone else in the Merrimack Valley?

  121. I think the "Not Gunnels" shirt should be revised to:
    Not Gunnels

    When I read that the first time I saw it as a takeoff on the Got Milk? ads so more like:

    Not Gunnels?

  122. I'm down with the Gulf Coast meeting. I live in New Orleans; however, I'm such a lurker that nobody knows me. Quite unfortunately, that's the exact same problem I have in real life. Instead of a Not Gunnels t-shirt, can I have one that says "Bourne Merovingian" instead?

  123. Well, as I said in a different thread I'm starting my cross-country roadtrip on Weds. I'll hit Vegas Weds. night, Denver late Thurs, Lincoln/Des Moines on Fri and pass by Chicago on Sat on my way to my eventual arrival in South Bend. Anyone wants to meet for a drink along the way, I'm down. I could use the human contact and I figure it's way safer than picking up a hitchhiker.

  124. I will stay home and drink alone.

  125. Jennifer is spot-on about her appearence. I, for those who care, am actually a group of 12-16 dwarves (depending on the season) who speak in unison.

    I will one of two t-shirts:
    Number 1 is black and has Doe from Heaven's Gate looming in glow in the dark green over a starfield with the words "Follow Me" beneath it.
    Number 2 is grey and features a picture of Kong shackled to the T-shaped frame from his broadway appearence, with the words "King Kong Died for our Sins."

  126. Hey NoStar and any other folks interested in a Seattle Get together: Count me in !

  127. Number 1 is black and has Doe from Heaven's Gate looming in glow in the dark green over a starfield with the words "Follow Me" beneath it.

    When I was in college we had a party poster photocopied off the Time cover (replacing Time with our fraternity letters) and it said "FOLLOW ME! to the Heaven's Gate party at -----."

  128. Which reminds me: Jeff, honey, I'm going to be heading out to a bar in Manhattan to talk to a bunch of guys I met on the Internet. So. . . uh. . . you wanna come?

  129. LOL Jennifer, I just had the same conversation on the Chicago side, for real! 🙂

  130. I propose that we seperate the two shirts so as to not confound their slogans.

    T-shirt #1: Got Gunnels?

    T-shirt #2: *chuckle*

    I would totally buy both of them. Or at least #2 for sure.

  131. "Nobody wants to go to Tulsa!" Except, strangely enough, the Green Party.
    No way I could make Manhattan. Dallas, maybe...

  132. Jeff- Way to be a RAW fan! I'd like to make a corporate Apple-looking shirt w/ "Gold and Appel Transfers" on it.

  133. Or, I would be willing to compromise with one shirt, two-sided:

    Front: Got Gunnels?

    Back: *chuckle*

    I demand that this shirt be designed for my wearing pleasure. A nice, girly soft-ribbed tee would be best.

  134. Hydro, Dave, et al: We ought to just go to N.O. - maybe meet at Harrah's? But that means a plane ticket cos I swore that, after many years of doing it, I was never driving to N.O. again (I used to live in Mandeville).

    And even if I drove - how to explain to Mr. Stubby that I'm going to New Orleans to meet a bunch of guys I've never met but only talked with online?

    No, I think it has to be Houston. Or somewhere on the coast. Galveston?

  135. We're missing a thickly-worded explanation of how these meetups are another symptom of democracy's inevitable decline into totalitarianism.

    paging gaius marius...

    I'm considering the Chicago yak-fest. All y'all can't be much more "surprising" than the internet dates I've had.

  136. Matthew,
    I'll probably be cruising up to Seattle to visit my ex-girlfriend (unless she has a new boyfriend). If there is a get together around that time, I'm in.

  137. Mr. Stubby


  138. Randolph: Maybe I'm having a brain-fade, but what's a RAW fan?

    Does anyone know if The Burp Castle is still open? It was close to St. Mark's and quiet.

    Jen: Oh, you kids go have fun. I'll be at Midtown Comics. (Just kidding. I'm there.)

  139. Jeff-
    Could RAW be Real Art Ways?

  140. Neither of those shirts are from RAW, though. In fact I bought them both at Worldcons.

  141. aah, no, Robert Anton Wilson - as far as I know, he was the one who came up with the absurdist "King Kong Died for your Sins."

  142. he wrote a bunch of really wierd stuff, was the letter editor for playboy, and was a close bud with Timothy Leary.

  143. . . . and the lion shalt lay down with the lamb, and a little child shall lead them, and the misanthrope shalt bring the individualists together. . . .

    Holy Christ, it's the fucking apocalypse.

  144. If you want to submit ideas for the top 10 list of reasons to post on H&R, email me. The address you get when you click on my name is real, if you remove the "nospam." part.

  145. Oh, gaius marius lives in the Chicago area. But babius marius will be arriving soon, as I recall from one of his posts, so he'll be pretty busy.

  146. Randolph: I FORGOT Wilson wrote that. Thanks.

  147. At first, I was bummed about the loss of anonymity that this thread has caused. I mean really, did I need to know that thoreau is really Mr. Small?

    But now I want pictures taken of the gathering (which, as mostly-lurking Dallasite, I won't be attending) and posted.

    As for a t-shirt, a few weeks ago I would have suggested "Free Gunnels!" but he seems to have recently freed himself.

  148. I could be in D.C. in late August. I'm doing a lot of travelling up and down the east coast at that time.

  149. Connie O's in Greenpoint allows smoking if you tip Barbara very well.

  150. "Does anyone know if The Burp Castle is still open?"

    yes it is. it's also a good choice, depending on how many people we'd have to fit into their confines.

  151. Another suggestion for Thoreau's Top Ten list:

    I, for one, welcome our new Libertarian overlords!

    The irony will probably be a over more than a few heads.

  152. Rudy?s Bar and Grill is an awesome dive on 9th ave, with a big outdoors area where smoking is unofficially allowed.

  153. "I went to the H&R get-together in NYC and all I got was this lousy 'not Gary' teeshirt"

  154. I'm in Seattle. I wanted to go to that thing a few days ago, but something came up. If I can make it then I'm in...

  155. Neither here nor there, and I won't be anywhere near there, but Goose Island's Honkers' Ale is the finest tap beer I've ever had the pleasure to drink.

  156. *Libertarian
    Perverted, Trashed and Armed.*

    *We must think of the adults*

    Chicago lurker who won't be able to make it. 🙁

  157. Is this like one of those awkward moments when you're talking about someone behind their back, and they walk into the room?

  158. I'd be wearing this shirt (except I can't come because I don't live nearby)

    This is very cool, I doubt that many of you who participate will have regrets. I've mentioned it before but I have some really good friendships that were born on the old Prodigy Libertarian Club BB back in the early 1990's.

    Usually when we met it was one or two at a time, but over a five year span I met dozens of different LCers and there was only one klunker (dude, that guy sucked).

    Even though I have lost track of most of those guys and chicks, the time we spent together was memorable. There is still a core of 10-15 of us that stay in touch regularly and there are five of us who are thicker than thieves to this day (partly because we're winos). There would be six, but Jim (who was godfather to my kids) had the very bad idea of taking on a telephone pole with a Honda about five days into 2002. Got Dam You Jim. He left me a $500.00 bottle of Bourdeaux.

    Oh, and interestingly enough, although many of those people lurk here, they rarely to never post comments. Except one woman who posts every once in a while that I think I knew back on the old LC BB.

    Enjoy guys, you won't regret it.

  159. Something seems strangely ego-centric and self possessed about this thread getting by far the most comments of the day... 🙂 But, that said, I like a little self-absorption as much as anyone, but what bothers me is it's also very east-coast-centric. What about something for us left-coasters? And yeah, Shem, I wanted to go to that thing with Mr. Bailey in Seattle too but mid-week is not a good time to get up there from Corvallis.

  160. only one klunker (dude, that guy sucked).


    I have to ask. What made the guy suck so bad? Tell us a story.

  161. "So, whatever big city you meet in, invite some Ohioans. They're bound to provide plenty of unintentional entertainment."


  162. Not to worry, April. I find that most people who make comments like this don't actually know the difference between Ohio and Iowa.

  163. When this thread vanishes off the live page and into the archives, I'll assume I've been contacted by all interested parties, and then really get down to the nuts-and-bolts of figuring out when and where this will happen. We're up to about a dozen people, not counting those who will "be there if I happen to be in NYC, but I doubt it."

  164. yeah, what's the bad story?

    i met some of my best friends on teh interweb.

    i have one about this future primitive kid (back in 96) that ripped up his earlobe trying to wedge in a vertebrae he bought from that old animal bones joint that used be down in the east village. (he'd had pretty big perfs but sometimes you can't push a lobe too far)

    but he was a douche anyway.

  165. All of my entertainment is completely intentional. Really.

  166. This thread makes me feel bad that I never got off my arse and set up a SoCal meetup of Reasonites before I left. Bah!

    Back in the old BBS days, I met quite a few from one of the ones I was on (the name eludes me). I met lots of cool people and no one treated me like the punk kid that I was at the time.

  167. Don't feel too bad, Mo. I didn't exactly "set this up" myself; it just sort of happened, somehow.

  168. Brett-

    First, it's Doctor Small to you! 😉

    But yes, my name is indeed a heavy burden to bear. My first name is fine, but my last name? Not fun.

  169. Not to worry, April. I find that most people who make comments like this don't actually know the difference between Ohio and Iowa.

    I'd say the difference is that Iowa's football team commits half as many felonies as Ohio State's ...

    "Maize and Blue Right Here in Central Ohio And Damned Proud of It!"

  170. .. best teeshirt ever ..

    .. top says "Homeland Security"
    .. middle has a picture of some well-armed Indians from the late 1800's (think Geronimo)
    .. bottom says, "Fighting terrorism since 1492"

    .. get lots of comments on that one ..

    .. oh, and while y'all are gathering on the coasts, I'll toast one to you from the Rockies ..

    .. Hobbit in NM

  171. Well, I live in Chicago, so I'm definitely game for that.

    And for anyone else that's interested and still in town, the Chicago-Milwaukee local Free State Project group will be meeting Saturday, Sep. 3 at Tiffany's in Des Plaines.

  172. Not to worry, April. I find that most people who make comments like this don't actually know the difference between Ohio and Iowa.

    I haven't spent much time in Iowa but I was born and raised in Ohio. I assure you, many, many, many Ohioans are good for unintentional entertainment. Hell, my family lives there, and that in itself tips the scale waaaaay over to the ludicrous side. Let's just agree that Smacky is the exception that proves the rule.

  173. i met a girl from ohio who called bagels "BAG-els" (as in shopping bag, roll an el). and then told us that bagels in brooklyn weren't as good as lenders.

    what the fuck is that about?

  174. Ah, my apologies good Doctor, I thought you were pre-doctorate.

    But I think Doctor Small is funnier. Very Austin Powersish. 😉

  175. dhex, my dad's from Ohio and his whole family says it "beggles." very odd.

  176. dhex,

    Lenders is a brand of bayguls. (written phonetically to prove that I pronounce it correctly).

  177. i met a girl from ohio who called bagels "BAG-els" (as in shopping bag, roll an el). and then told us that bagels in brooklyn weren't as good as lenders.

    what the fuck is that about?


    She was probably from Parma.


  178. Q: Why are seagulls from the sea?

    A: Because if they were from the bay they'd be called bagels!

  179. Re: Ohioans
    "Let's just agree that Smacky is the exception that proves the rule."

    and April, and me...and Hunter Girl? Hmmm. Seems Ohio's doing something right in that they seem to raise more than their fair share of Reasonoid women!

    Also, as for the "beggels" thing, that might be due to the huge influx of West Virginian and other southern folks a couple generations ago when Northeastern Ohio was a good place to find a manufacturing job. My favorite linguistic holdovers from WV are "warshing machine" and "devil's strip". Extra points for any non-Ohioan or West Virginian who knows what that is.

    So far there are five of us in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in meeting.

    E-mail me if you would like to join in.


    note to linguist,
    Sorry to rain on your parade, but Hunting Girl is a description of what that poster does, not of what he is.

  181. Dallas (me and others, I think), Houston, Port Lavaca, New Orleans...

    College Station might be a good compromise!!!! 😉

  182. Yogi: From like, 180 posts ago, I'm in Iowa City.

  183. .. oh, and while y'all are gathering on the coasts, I'll toast one to you from the Rockies ..


    Stuff like this is always a good time.

  184. Anyone who wants to get together in or near northeast Ohio, send me an e-mail. The address is real.

  185. All who want to get together in the Bahamas, email me (from your REAL address)! I'll take care of the airfares, I promise.

  186. tell me, ms jennifer and mr commenter drf, what exactly do you hope to accomplish with these little shindigs? do you seriously believe that such a ragtag hodgepodge of zeitgeist individualists can hang together long enough to accomplish anything? LUDICROUSLY idealistic, i'm afraid.

    while i also detest the creeping totalitarianism of our days, divorced as it is from a healthy communitarian conception of man, i fear that your collection of "artists" can hardly hope to form a conquering army.

  187. How about if we all chip in plus the Reason Foundation does some chipping in to pay for Jennifer and the Reasonoid of her choice accompanying the next Reason book tour?

  188. Trey: College Station works for me.

  189. Anyone in the research triangle area?

  190. "First, it's Doctor Small to you! ;)"

    Yeah, and let me submit for the record that this "small" guy is six foot tall and change. What is with you mid-west people? I was engaged to a girl fresh from Illinois, and she insisted that I was SHORT at 6'.. she was actually embarassed to wear high-heels because they put her slightly above me.

    And the weirdest thing.. all my family is here in the east-coast, except for an aunt/uncle that moved to Nebraska early on.. and ALL their kids look like basketball players.

    Must be the corn..

  191. MNG-

    As a kid I ate cornflakes every morning, corn on the cob all summer, and I drank copious amounts of milk. That's just a recipe for being tall and big-boned.

  192. This is OTS, but from what I understand, corn-on-the-cob is a uniquely American thing. People in Europe consider eating off the cob barbaric.. because it's used for animal feed.

    Fucking Europeans.. esp. those frogs..


    I just got an e-mail from a lurker who's interested in attending. Now for privacy reasons I won't say too much, but I WILL tell you this: it's a woman, she's new in town, and she's looking to meet some locals, especially "of the Reason variety." So if you DO go to this shindig, make sure you wear deodorant.

  194. Paging Clay Shirkey. I can't help but think there should be a social software solution to help Reasonoids organize meetings based on location.

  195. thoreau:

    I ate a bunch of corn, too, and only turned out 5'7. Damn genes.

  196. Jennifer:

    I want a picture.. with her holding a current newspaper..

    Like I've said, this is like a chick at a Star Trek convention. For her, the stud selection is a bargain bin.. but it certainly is huge.

  197. Mr. Nice Guy--

    In this era of Photoshop, what would such a photograph prove?

  198. Jennifer:

    Actually, I was making a joke I stole from "The Office". The butthole boss makes all these dry comments about internet dating.. and how people post pictures that are 10 years old. The original problem indeed exists, but his solution is even more ridiculous.

  199. "do you seriously believe that such a ragtag hodgepodge of zeitgeist individualists can hang together long enough to accomplish anything?"

    I'm pretty sure we can manage to get drunk. Oh, you mean something FOR THE WORLD, don't you? My mistake. 🙂

  200. I'm the new-in-town lurker, figuring I should de-lurk if I'm actually going to meet you people. I commented to a friend (well, whined really) that all the Libertarian men I met were taken. He gently informed me "Don't worry. I'm sure you could buy one."
    It took a minute before I replied "Did you just tell me to find a Libertarian prostitute?"

  201. Aren't all prostitutes libertarian? At least in practice?

  202. Well, Lurker, if anything comes of this I want an invitation to the wedding. And none of this cash-bar bullshit, either; I'm talkin' free booze till I'm blotto.

    Or just skip the invitation and send me the booze. I'm flexible.

  203. However, I much prefer pot. And my birthday's in September. Hint.

  204. Philip Elliot, Stubby, Trey, Hydroman, dave B, Hank Hill,(and untold others in the redneck wasteland) - how about meeting in Austin some time?

    biggus dickus - What is wrong with just trying to have some fun? I suppose a libertarian pub crawl would be a lot more entertaining than a meeting of the People's Front of Judea.

  205. Aren't all prostitutes libertarian? At least in practice?

    I thought politicians were prostitutes?

    Oh, wait, my bad, the politicians make the prostitutes look good.

  206. Crushinator--

    Biggus dickus is actually a parody of Mr. "individualism and capitalization both suck" Gaius Marius.

  207. Thoreau--

    The difference between a prostitute and a politician is that you WANT the prostitute to screw you.

  208. ATR:

    Like I said, the guy/girl ratio in this arena is very heavily skewed. So your chance of finding a batchelor DC professional in his mid-thirties, black hair (though thinning), blue eyes, 6', worked full time since college, has a good sense of humor, though bit of an opportunist, is pretty good.

  209. Nice Guy--

    I think ATR is in Jersey. But that might not be TOO much of a stretch from DC, what with the way commutes are these days.

    Ah, a misanthropic matchmaker. This is fun.

  210. Mr. Nice Guy forgot to mention that he has a really friendly dog!

  211. Jennifer:

    As usual, I think you're on to something. A misanthrope dating website has a lot of potential. Esp. with this idiotic "Beautiful People" site that's making the news..;_ylt=AsQi8gSDE0kVoWCIxDUsebQDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

  212. Dang it, Nice Guy, that link-address of yours has made this thread wider than my IP window.

  213. Oh, and Dr. T is my cyber wing-man 🙂

  214. Apologies! How the hell did I do that?!

  215. I think ATR is in Jersey.

    If she can't pump her own gas, forget it.

  216. Nice Guy--

    On the rare occasions when I have to post an especially long address, I'll use the "return" key to break it up into smaller chunks. For some reason, this board can't handle the long addresses te same way it can handle long paragraphs.


    Our own prolific commenter, fyodor and his LITTLE FYODOR & THE BABUSHKA BAND are touring and this is a show that has to be experienced to be believed!!

    Tues Aug 2: McCook, NE, Norris Bandshell
    Wed Aug 3: Lincoln, NE, Duffy's
    Thur Aug 4: Omaha, NE, O'leaver's Pub
    Fri Aug 5: Des Moines, IA, Hairy Mary's
    Sat Aug 6: Chicago, IL, Cal's
    Sun Aug 7: Chicago, IL, Fireside Bowl

  218. If someone would be so kind to school me in HTML coding for providing links, I would be most appreciative!

  219. I suppose a libertarian pub crawl would be a lot more entertaining than a meeting of the People's Front of Judea.

    It's the Judean People's Front!

  220. MNG, check here.

    Basic info on linking.

  221. I am going to have to bookmark this page and go through 200+ posts when I am in an area and I want to go drinking whith local reasonites. Anyone got an easier way?


    Completely off subject, but;

    I just saw a thing on Iranian tv that was a carry your spouse triathlon. Well there was no biking, it was all runing and walking through waste deep water. Pretty strange and cool.

  222. note to linguist,
    Sorry to rain on your parade, but Hunting Girl is a description of what that poster does, not of what he is.

    hey, i resent that! What makes you think i'm a guy, Lowdog? Check out my link - why on earth would a male choose this moniker?

  223. Hakluyt: You're on for the RTP meetup.

    There's another poster who lives in Durham, I think his name is Mark Bahner (from the recent "meatspace" thread). How about the down under pub on main st.? If you want someplace more militant or in RTP proper, I could bring y'all as guests to the durham county wildlife club for a little skeet shotgun practice.

    I'll probably go to the NYC meetup as my bank is headquartered there (plus I'm vacationing on martha's vineyard, for you fat teddy types).

  224. I may be from Jersey, but I swear my accent only comes out when I've been drinking.

  225. ATR,
    I would find that fascinating and want to run a study on you, if my Jersey accent didn't also come out when I was drinking. 🙂

    I lived in South Orange for 2 years, and my brother was stationed at McGuire AFB for 3. One night in Ohio we got drunk together and I heard him say, "kawfee". I started laughing and pointed and yelled, "Ah-hah! You have an accent! I kawt you!...wait. oh shit!"

    Ah, once in Jersey, always in Jersey. Cheers!

  226. You NYCers should be sure to get the Columbia libertarians on board. A lot of them read H&R, we took Nick Gillespie out to dinner last winter and had a great time.

  227. thoreau,
    Is Mr. Nice Guy Jamaican?

  228. linguist,
    For a few words, I have a Boston accent (Baw-stun, being one of them). I think part of it may be due to me making fun of my friends while living in Boston. Also, I have a tendency to pick up slang very easily. In college, one of my closest buddies was from Seattle. Due to his and Boston's influence I once uttered the phrase "That was hella wicked awesome!" I wanted to beat myself up after that.

  229. Mo:

    Yes, I live right by the beach....boy!!

  230. I lived in South Orange for 2 years

    I spent a summer at Seton Hall a few years back for an internship.

    /Random useless fact.

    Perhaps we should arrange a western Reason get-together, too? On a thread a few days ago I was surprised at how many Colorado H&R people there were.

  231. Speaking of activating links, in the last gun thread, my hrefs kept pointing back to reason even though I had a differnt site inside the quotation marks. Anyone know what I was doing wrong?

  232. Mo-

    If Mr. Nice Guy is Jamaican then he is, by far, the whitest Jamaican that I've ever met.

  233. mediageek,

    Sounds fun to me.

  234. Hey drf,

    There are 2 Goose Island Pubs in Chicago - one on Clark St, and one on Dearbourn.

    Which one are we meeting at?

  235. am i the only one who keeps having scenes from that trekkies documentary flashing through his head?

    "'s been a pretty successful event...last year we even had a girl."

  236. dhex,

    Hey, I'm a chick and I'm on board for either Chicago or NY (or both)! That would make for at least two chicks at both events. I just need more info from both event planners. And some sort of plan. Yeah, a travel plan.

  237. Pig Mannix,

    (Answering on drf's behalf as I believe he's still spam-blocked from posting)
    drf told me that we're going to the one near North & Clybourn. I think the address is 1800 North Clybourn. The Brewery/restaurant, not one of the pubs.

  238. smackster - that would make us twice as cool as trek fans.

    the real question is whether we get to do body shots offa the mystery staffer "badly hung"

  239. mystery staffer "badly hung"

    Yeah, this has been driving me nuts! Who was Jennifer talking about?

  240. I'm guessing Jacob Sullum. Do I get a cookie?

  241. My guess is Cathy Young is the "mystery staffer". Since Michael doesn't sound as much as badly as Cathy does. Unless of course, Jennifer is making some bizarre editorial comment.

  242. David Rollins,

    I won't be "officially" living in Durham until say late November or early December. But I'll be back and forth from New England before then. Right now I know where Southpoint Mall is and where Duke Hospital is and that's about it. Anyway, either option sounds cool.


    So like, I've only been to NYC once in my life. If y'all do get together, how accessible is the locale?

  243. Hakluyt--

    I don't know where the locale is just yet; when this thread vanishes from the main page then I'll assume I've heard from all interested parties, send out a mass e-mail with a recommended date, get RSVPs, and THEN ask the Manhattanites to recommend a place that can accomodate however many people there are.

    But pretty much all of Manhattan is accessible, really; the subways are a pain to figure out (plus there's that whole search thing now) but Manhattan has about the cheapest taxi rates in America. And I'm going to try to find a place as close as possible to Grand Central, so we out-of-towners won't have too much difficulty getting there.

  244. Actually, you got me there, Thoreau. What name DID Tom Crick used to post under?

  245. "Tom Crick formerly posted under what name?"

    Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I know: Ken Schultz.

  246. All this talk about psuedonyms is intensely interesting to me, for some curious reason...
    What, me worry?


  247. Rick- I'd be for a get-together in either Denver or The Springs. Whichever. I only know one bar in Denver- Sputnick's. Other than that I got nuthin'.

  248. No doubt mediageek's gathering will be CCW friendly.

  249. Smacky gets 100 points!

    Now, the bonus question:

    How many times has Mona said that she's cancelling her subscription?

    (I have no clue what the answer is.)

  250. Jennifer,

    Alright, I sent you an e-mail so you can have my address.

    Enchant?. 🙂

  251. Crushinator:

    Austin works for me as well.

  252. How many times has Mona said that she's cancelling her subscription?


    (I would guess one higher but I'm holding out for one more from her. ) ^_^

  253. (test)

    Thoreau: 69 times, of course... 🙂

    happy friday,

  254. d'oh. cross posted.

    sorry for ruining your joke, Smacky.

  255. Welcome back, drf!

  256. No doubt mediageek's gathering will be CCW friendly.

    Am I really that transparent? 🙂

  257. sorry for ruining your joke, Smacky.

    Why'd you have to ruin my joke, drf? *Gosh!*

    Great minds think alike. Happy Friday.

  258. Damn, Thoreau, you're kicking my ass at H&R Trivial Pursuit. Who said landlords shouldn't be able to collect rent?

  259. kevin carson?

    "but Manhattan has about the cheapest taxi rates in America."

    are you serious? i mean, it's possible, since i don't know, but fuck. that sucks.

  260. Dhex-
    I read it somewhere, and my (admittedly limited) personal experience bears that out. When I was in Denver last month on business, it cost thirty dollars' worth of cabfare just to get from the terminal to the edge of the airport property--by the time I got to my hotel in downtown it was over 70 bucks. By contrast, the night before when I took a taxi from (approximately) the Chrysler building to a hotel just outside LaGuardia in Queens, the total was thirty-five bucks, including bridge tolls and a decent tip. And both rides took about the same time.

  261. greetings.

    (full disclosure: i'm using shadowbrowser for this, that's why this post might go through)

    have a good weekend, all.


  262. greetings - this is via a proxy masking service.

    have a great weekend, all.


  263. More trivia:

    Which poster is the self-proclaimed "big brother figure" to female posters on H&R?

    Which Reason staffer was incorrectly presumed gay?

    Which female poster once shot me down when I made a bisexual advance on her?

    How are Douglas Fletcher and Todd Fletcher related? (I would like to know this one, too).

    ...Ok, this is a non-trivia question, but what happened to KevRob and Stevo Darkly?

  264. Who posts as "Rickey Ramone" on occasion?

  265. Easy: Rick Barton's Friday Fun handle.

  266. ...And I got post #269. Whee!

  267. Which Reason staffer was incorrectly presumed gay?

    Julian Sanchez

    Which female poster once shot me down when I made a bisexual advance on her?


  268. mediageek wrote:


    [shame] *Embarassing admission*: More than one female poster has done this. I was actually thinking of someone else. But technically I have to accept your answer as correct. [/shame]

    ...So I guess this is where the uncomfortable silence begins.

  269. Nah, I didn't *actually* shoot you down. I politely demurred. And sent you a wink soon after. 🙂

  270. smacky-

    No worries. Causing uncomfortable silences is one of my super powers.


  271. Landlords shouldn't get to keep ground rent, but they can keep rent on their buildings. If it was me, I haven't been arguing the "doctrinaire" side so much lately. If it wasn't me, where do I go to meet the other Georgist?

    Sanchez controls all the evidence, so can we be sure of his preference?

    See y'all in Chicago...I'll be wearing the Limbaugh shirt with the Nader cap. And the porcupine underpants.

  272. smacky,

    I think that kevrob was commenting just a couple of weeks ago.

    I have one. What was Stevo Darkly's previous screen name?

  273. ...Ok, this is a non-trivia question, but what happened to KevRob and Stevo Darkly?


    How are Douglas Fletcher and Todd Fletcher related? (I would like to know this one, too).

    Probably unrelated. But Douglas Fletcher is the second funniest person here after Stevo Darkly.

    So I guess this is where the uncomfortable silence begins.


  274. How are Douglas Fletcher and Todd Fletcher related? (I would like to know this one, too).

    Probably unrelated.

    thoreau, ya think?? I believe they're both in Phoenix...

  275. I thought it was Serafina that shot smacky down.
    Stevo Threadkiller
    Am I the big brother figure? I remember being called a brother figure before, but I don't think I ever proclaimed it (or was it Evan that proclaimed it)

    Which poster is currently deployed.
    Name 4 pro-life posters.
    Which poster's spouse wrot and article in Reason?
    Name 30 posters that are wasting their company's time. 🙂

  276. Rick-

    Stevo's previous screen name was Stevo Thread-killer, right?


    Kevin Carson is a Georgist. But we don't see much of him anymore.

  277. "wrot and article"
    should be "wrote an article"

  278. mediageek,

    Bar? What? We aren't gonna meet in a bookstore cafe or in a library? (of a private university, of course) But seriously, I know lotsa places up here in Denver. Perhaps we should pick one that is also frequented by some stripe of politically authoritarian types so that we can rumble. (with words, of course)

  279. Mo,

    You are right, it was Serafina.

    I had you pegged as the big-brother figure. I think you mockingly claimed this role once. Although I wouldn't typecast you as one.

    (snark) Evan Williams, OTOH, is my H&R crush; I love it when he gets really belligerent and swears a lot (it's so cute!). I respect him for his warm and fuzzy personality. ^_^ (end snark)

    I thought I remember either Todd or Douglas mention that they were brothers. Or maybe just one schizophrenic guy.

  280. which two posters are sisters?

  281. Randolph: "it can get pretty ugly if one person wants Nine Inch Nails and the another wants Indigo Girls" - nah, since we're all heavily armed all the time, we'll just shoot each other over it, and the last one standing gets to choose. After all, that's what the liberals keep telling me. Or wait, was it that the richest libertarian will just end up dictating the price of jukebox selections and imposing a state of musical servitude on everyone? I can't keep my accusations straight.

    Jennifer: Crap, if we're having a H&R trivia contest, I gotta disqualify/disinvite myself! Although I am seriously considering coming in and saying, "Hi, I'm Gary Gunnels..." So you know someone who wants to meet libertarian men? I predict that will last about until she actually _sees_ one. *rimshot* Well, not me, of course; I am a regular Greek god, naturally. But I'm taken.

    I'm trying to think of some good places. There's Fraunces Tavern, which might be fun for the historical relevance, although it's a bit more of a sit-down place. There's the Underground Lounge, up by me, although it's more of a comedy club; might be OK if they're not having a show that night, tends to be pretty quiet. There's Revival, which has a garden in case people want to smoke.

  282. thoreau and Mo,
    Stevo Threadkiller-Righto

  283. troublemaker,

    Do tell!

  284. Rick,

    sorry, you'll have to wait until the 'H&R Girls Gone Wild' dvd hits the market. All will be revealed. 🙂

  285. sorry, you'll have to wait until the 'H&R Girls Gone Wild' dvd hits the market. All will be revealed. 🙂

    All I have to say is that this better not involve some middle-aged, schizophrenic, fat, balding H&R dude posing in pasties and a garter belt.

  286. troublemaker,

    Hmmm, sounds like it could be worth waiting for...

  287. Besides, Jennifer and I have squatters' rights on that moneymaking scheme. No one gets in on the deal without our approval. 🙂

  288. smacky,

    I didn't think of that. Killed that fantasy...

  289. smacky,

    You keep posting one minuet ahead of me!!

    Could you and Jennifer be the siblings in question here?...

  290. ...or not.

  291. Uh. Wow. I had no idea people kept track of all this stuff. I always thought what I'd posted would just kind of disappear into a blob of random babble. Now I'm trying to remember if I've said anything especially embarrassing. I use my real name, so that's a stink that could linger ...

  292. Now I'm trying to remember if I've said anything especially embarrassing.

    Why do you think I go by smacky all of the time? 🙂

    (You know why? It's actually my given name.)

  293. Yes, my guess is that Jennifer and smacky are sisters. Full disclosure: At first, I didn't think that GG was JB.

    Hey smacky,

    Didja ever think of going with "smacky Ramone" once in a while?

  294. Sisters! We're a couple of sisters!

    And to answer your question Rick, no. I don't have any siblings. I am heaven sent. That, or I am alien spawn. ^_^

  295. Well, it was only a guess...

  296. "Alien spawn"?- Ooo, glad it's day time.

  297. I think you called me one and I lamented that I am always the big brother figure. Ah well, libertarians are open to incest, right? 🙂

    I also echo what Jason said about the memory hole. No President KLigon in our lifetimes, I suppose.

  298. Smacky--

    Troublemaker is trying to live up to her name. Since you and I committed the unpardonable Libertarian sin of not signing the proper contracts and patent applications before discussing our business plan in public, we'll have to take the alternative stereotypical Libertarian option of--well, if I say just what I'll probably get banned for life again, which would be annoyingly ironic on this of all threads, so I'll just imply something ominous. You in?

  299. 4 pro-life posters: Brian Courts, RC Dean, Mona, and... umm....

    Unborn Angel?

  300. A belated THANKS to Rick for the support!!

    I must amend that schedule, however, cause the Fireside show on the 7th is not happening. We may play somewhere else that night, but not at the Fireside. Everything else is on, though!! Would be pretty fab to meet a H&R'er on the tour...

  301. Is anybody still here?

    ...Ok, this is a non-trivia question, but what happened to KevRob and Stevo Darkly?

    Howdy! I took a vacation Sept. 27 through Aug. 2. No Internet connection. I couldn't even get any Sprint cell phone service. I was in a remote part of the world, where Stone Age tribes persist unchanged to this day, and dinosaurs still survive ... Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee. I'm skimming through certain threads today. Couldn't pass this one up.

    I am very intrigued by the Chicago gathering. This could be good. I participated in similar get-togethers back in the 1900s, when I was a member of Prodigy's Heinlein Forum BBS group. There was an event most called "The Gathering," although I prefer to think of it as "The Weekend I Slept With 20 Strangers." (Actually, we had adjoining cabins segregated by gender. Although, due to a slight excess of males, a fortunate few were selected to spend one night in the Heinlein Harem on a rotating basis. But nothing untoward happened. At least not when it was my turn. But I digress.) (PS: Twenty people sharing two bathrooms take an awful long time to get going in the morning.) Had lots of fun.

    I am going to have to be passive-agressive and infuriatingly noncommittal about whether I can get away and attend in Chicago. Late August is the beginning of our busy season at work (late August through mid-December). On the other hand, it's only about a five-hour drive to Chicago, and I could probably attend on short notice.

    Meanwhile, I'll gather and save the contact info here. Right now the only e-mail address I can use is a corporate one, and I'm reluctant to use that for these purposes. Plus, e-mail from certain domains may be blocked. I still have to set up my computer at home and get a Hotmail account or something. Stay tuned.

    Kudos to Jennifer for getting the ball rolling!

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