Would They Prohibit a Tape Featuring Mounted Police?


From the invaluable The Smoking Gun comes news of official Canadian prudery at its best:

There is no governmental report more highly anticipated (at least by TSG) than the quarterly list of "Admissible and Prohibited Titles" prepared by Canada's Border Services Agency….Agents with the country's Prohibited Importations Unit scour DVDs, videotapes, books, comics, and other material to determine whether the titles are suitable for admission into Canada. The nation's Customs Act…bars obscene material, "hate propaganda," and, of course, child pornography….More than half of the prospective imports were stopped at the border, including "Teenage Transsexual Nurses 4," "What a Pisser," "Bi Bi Daddy," and many works produced by one Tom "Ropes" McGurk. Included among the admissible titles were "Have Some Cannelloni, Tony!" and "Frank and Beans" from the Angry Young Man series, and "Bondage Ahoy!"

Whole thing here.