Keeping Up With the HuffPosties


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  • Thomas de Zengotita: "I've been thinking and writing about performative self-consciousness in a mediated age for the last five years or so, and I have this question which I've scarcely dared to formulate so unlikely does it seem. I'm wondering if 'playing a starring role' could be part of the motive for suicide bombers, not the whole motive, obviously, but part?"
  • Jay Gordon: "Firstly, there are no medical interventions without side effects and adverse consequences."
  • David Sirota: "[F]ar away from the out-of-touch confines of the Beltway where free market extremism reigns supreme, ordinary Americans are realizing that there's an alternative path, whereby community ownership of certain economic institutions and businesses are a pretty good deal. Instead of allowing Corporate America to reap the windfalls of everything, more and more communities are trying to get a piece of the action—all while making sure the public is adequately served, and not abused. […] "The battle is sure to turn ideological: you can always count on the right-wing to ultimately scream 'Socialism' or 'Communism' whenever people propose making profits work for an entire community, rather than just a few wealthy fat cats."
  • Marlon Richards: "Hhmm…as I contemplate the 2hr train trip to London, I am a bit put off by the thought of coming home in a shopping bag of 'choice cuts.' Fuck it! Another glass of white wine and an hour reading conspiracy theories on the web is far more relaxing. […] "To say we had it coming is an understatement of Charlton Heston proportions. For fuck's sake why did I move back to this petty overpriced class-crippled society? I wanted my kids to grow up with David Niven accents. I miss the shit out of NYC, falafel at 3 am (honest, I only like the food, not the ideology), 5 min cab rides, not 20 min.

    "England got what its U.S ass-licking gov. wanted, full paid, card-carrying membership to the 'War on Terriers.' Without a good bloodbath what are we? Now we can look Bush in the eye, don't ask me which one… whatever! Its all bullshit!"