Roberts' Rules of Order


NY Post columnist (and former Reason intern) Ryan Sager has a sharp column on GOP b.s.'ing about John Roberts.

Judge Roberts, it seems, has no opinions. He's just a resume with a goofy grin.

And many in the Republican Party would like to keep it that way. They've spent years arguing–regarding Bush's lower-court nominations– that the Senate's confirmation process should be based almost solely on a nominee's credentials, not on such nasty business as "ideology" or "litmus tests."…

Take the ludicrous kabuki routine going on now surrounding the abortion question. Conservative activists are doing their best to downplay a brief Roberts co-authored on behalf of the first Bush administration, where he calls for the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Yet, at the same time, they've gotten the word out to the Republican base that Roberts is–wink, wink–"one of us."

Whole thing here.