One Libertarian's Take on John Roberts


Libertarian legal eagle Randy Barnett says this about John Roberts in a SF Chronicle analysis piece by Contributing Editor Carolyn Lochhead:

"It doesn't encourage me that a judge doesn't have a philosophy," said Randy Barnett, a professor of law at Boston University and self-described libertarian who argued, and lost, the California medical marijuana case Raich vs. Gonzales before the court in the last term. "The alternative to a comprehensive judicial philosophy is to take one from Column A, one from Column B, and one from Column C, mix it up with a pinch from Column D, and you can reach whatever result you want."

Whole story here.

Barnett participated in our July ish survey of lib picks for the Supreme Court. Still waiting for the decision in Raich at the time, he chose not to name his favorite sitting justice or his top nominees. But he did name Rufus Peckhman as one of the best in Supreme Court history. The whole Reason survey is here.