"You can't ignore a seven-foot-tall turd"


Reader Sandy Smith points us to the, uh, muddy crossroads where politics and oversized mascots meet. Thankfully, it's taking place in Canada, the large land-mass rumored to be directly north of these United States. From an account in the unfortunately named (at least for this story) Times Colonist:

That's Christianne Wilhelmson's take on Mr. Floatie, who has become a fixture at Victoria-area events. The program co-ordinator with the Georgia Strait Alliance says the chocolate bar-shaped mascot is responsible for renewed debate about what Victoria should do with its sewage.

Most people were tired of hearing about the issue, which the alliance has been pushing for more than a decade, but Wilhelmson said Mr. Floatie's recent appearances have changed that….

Mr. Floatie is the mascot for People Opposed to Outfall Pollution, or POOP. Organizer James Skwarok, who also wears the mascot suit, said Mr. Floatie has been an invaluable tool.

"Without our mascot, I don't think we would have nearly as high a profile," he said.

Whole thing--including a pic of the mascot on parade--here.

And yes, Mr. Floatie is an homage to South Park's Mr. Hanky.

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  1. If the good, peaceful, freedom-loving people of Canuckistan don't send Mr. Floatie back to Turdistan, they're going to be dealing with some serious shit down the road.

  2. "It's so juvenile that he draws attention to himself, not the issue," she said.

    Everyone who had heard about Victoria's sewage outfall issue before this story, please raise your hand.

  3. Your freedom to shit anywhere you want ends at my front lawn.

    A town sewage problem is essentially that situation.

  4. Captain Awesome:

    But you're ignoring the excretalities caused by your not allowing me to shit in your yard.

  5. I mean externalities

  6. "You can't ignore a seven-foot-tall turd"

    Could we please leave Shaq out of this?

  7. "You can't ignore a seven-foot-tall turd"

    Well, you could, but it would require a good bit of denial to do so.

  8. You can't ignore a seven-foot-tall turd.

    Sounds like something Eric Hoffer might have said when seriously hung over...

  9. Actually, yes you can ignore a seven-foot tall turd. Anyone who's ever been in a gas-station/highway rest stop bathroom before knows this all too well...

  10. Actually Joe, I think I recall Colby Cosh, a Canadian blogger (one of my favorites; pretty conservative, but very funny and an astute commentator on sports and entertainment, so you might like him) writing about a human waste problem in downtown Victoria. Seriously - Victoria, if I'm remembering correctly, has a large homeless population and there's apparently a lot of public peeing and pooping going on, to the point where you have to be careful where you walk. Colby doesn't seem to have a search feature for his archives tho, so who knows if I've got the story right.

  11. "You can't ignore a seven-foot-tall turd"

    I think I can. ...IF there's a game on!

  12. You can't ignore a seven-foot-tall turd

    Well, it would depend on more its width I suppose...

  13. Did anyone else see the Japanese cartoon movie about young love between a slob of a boy and his fastidious girlfriend, both residents of a big apartment complex?
    It was told from the point of view of the roaches in the boy's apartment.
    Anyhoody, there was a great scene in there where the hero roach encountered a talking turd, which was the equivalent of 7 feet tall, from his perspective.
    Anybody see that movie? Huh? Huh?

  14. Ruthless,

    Now I know why you use that name.

  15. Ruthless,

    Are you talking about "Twilight of the Cockroaches?"

  16. joe,
    By golly, I think I am.

  17. Don't blame me. I voted for Giant Douche.

  18. People have been ignoring a 6'2" tall turd in the White House!

  19. People have come to expect a tall turd to inhabit the White House.

  20. Is a seven foot tall turd funnier than a 28000 year old sex toy?

  21. I don't know, but this thread itself is pretty damn funny.

  22. Hey, that 28,000-year-old sex toy looks like a circumcised jobber to me. I wonder when people started doing that?

    (If this is an ignorant comment, please forgive me. I honestly haven't seen that many phalluses.)

  23. Stevo,
    Ever seen the Washington Monument?
    Father of he country as in "make no mistake about it"

    Why is the "female" counterpart of this faire land called Death Valley?

    Jennifer, get on this.

    In conclusion, Stevo, that phallus was probably used as a gavel for a few centures, then as a pestle. Maybe even as a banana, if you get my drift. Cut it (hee hee) some slack.

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