Blogs for an Alien Audience


Ever wish your blog got more traffic? Now, thanks to MindComet's new gratis commercial satellite service, you can beam your ordinary earthling online diary directly into space!

Sorry, though, Reason fans: If you're considering a ride on the X Prize winner don't get your hopes up on keeping up in touch. Hit & Run is unlikely to meet MindComet's diction decency standards. According to MindComet CEO Ted Murphy:

We strongly urge our users to refrain from language or content designed to provoke our alien neighbors. We hope that our bloggers understand the importance of keeping our message positive.

The free service is meant to give a glimpse of ordinary life on Earth to alien audiences but, as The Inquirer points out, all our blog beams won't attract any extraterrestrial tourists if we seem boring.

Try your luck at livening up the ether at Never mind that, assuming that there's intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy, even at the speed of light it would take 25 thousand years (an optimistic estimate) for your blog to reach an ET.