One Eats Really Big Sandwiches, the Other Eats Lasagna: It's Comedy Gold, I Tell Ya! And There's This Really Big Great Dane…


Be very afraid…of Blondie's 75th anniversary, wherein Blondie and Dagwood will be visited by a not-so-super-friends gathering of warhorses from around the comics page:

Garfield, Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, baby Marvin, Dennis the Menace, Dilbert, the kid from "Zits" and others—a virtual who's who of the funnies—will drop in and out as the Bumsteads plan a huge party for an unspecified wedding anniversary to be celebrated in the Sunday comics September 4. President Bush and wife Laura are also set to make an appearance.

Not since SCTV's legendary "Night of the Prime-Time Stars" has this much talent been absent from one place. Can we hope for an appearance from B.C.'s "Fat Broad," lecturing Mr. Dithers that Jesus wouldn't want Sharon to abandon the Gaza settlements?

The always on-message Comics Curmudgeon explains why we're still reading Blondie after all these years.