I Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Smut


Rogier van Bakel has some harsh words for anti-porn enthusiast Dr. (of communications) Judith Reisman, who is desperately trying to prove that porn rots your brain through the release of "erototoxins."

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  1. Wow, some priceless quotes in there. Now Jews lead the abortion industry? JOOOOOOOOOS!

  2. I appreciate Dr. Reisman’s concern for my precious bodily fluids.

  3. Ah, my yes. I ran across “Dr.” Reisman’s work when I was researching a piece on Kinsey I wrote a while back. If the claim is that an obsession with porn can cause brain damage, I’d hazard she’s her own best evidence.

  4. I think someone needs to get laid…

  5. Erotoxins. Suuure, doc.

    Like your body would produce something poisonous to itself when engaged in the process of carrying out the fundamental biological imperative of procreation.

    Although she probably doesn’t believe in evolution or biology, either.

  6. Save your precious bodily fluids! Drink only distilled water! No f.cking fluorides!

  7. I hope everyone on this site realizes that the “release of erototoxins” can be easily handled with the aid of a kleenex.

  8. “Erototoxins”? That’s magnificent. Reminds me of of the quackery you saw during the Victorian Age about how women who think too much end up having less blood go to their ovaries.

  9. Let’s hope the good doctor choses health over procreation…..

  10. Evidently getting fired from her gig on “Captain Kangaroo” caused her to go insane.

  11. I can’t remember the lines, but wasn’t there something about this in “Dr. Strangelove”? Something like that the character would have relations with women, but save his bodily fluids?

  12. Eric II,

    let us not confuse this nonsense with cold hard scientific facts that were proved during Victorian times. I myself have met more than a few women who suffered from what I found to be inadequate blood circulating “down there” due to excessive thought. Mostly they were thinking that I’m not terribly attractive.

  13. Funny, I just watched ErotoToxin Volume 4: The Poison Penis last night.

  14. Tonight’s Selection: Dr. Judith Reisman’s Bukkake Beach Bash VIII: Show Me The Money-Shot.

    I’m sorry, all. Prolonged exposure to stories about the chronically uptight leave me cognitively impaired…

  15. I think someone needs to get laid…

    Why, yes. How did you know?

    Something like that the character would have relations with women, but save his bodily fluids?

    Do you mean, “I don’t avoid women, I just deny them my essence.” ?

  16. Ever notice that “Cape Horn” sounds a lot like “Gay Porn”?

    (eg. “Half of my time in South Africa was spent exploring Cape Horn.”)

  17. Hey, does anyone know what ever happened with the Take One For The Country girls that caused such an uproar last year? Our beloved media has this bad habit of not following up on things.

  18. That turned out to be a hoax, if I recall.

    I have this image of a b&w 50s teevee commercial with an actor in a doctor’s white coat pointing to a crudely drawn outline of the human body:

    “Erototoxins target your T-Zone(tm) here, here, and here. . .”

  19. Essense, yessssss! Podling essence not as good as Gelfling!

  20. Skeksis,

    I think that we should adopt the “Trial by stone” to solves civil cases.

  21. Oddly enough, I was watching the movie Kinsey last night and marvelling at the silly ideas some folks seemed to have about sex. Erototoxins may be a bigger howler than any of those.

  22. I thought my erototoxosis was all my fault, but now I know different – it’s just like the smokes and fast food I can’t quit. Where do I sign up for the class-action against big porn?

  23. Look what porn did to Quagmire on Family Guy.

  24. Gigidygigidygigidy!

    Clearly the neuro-erototoxins went straight to his central nervous system.

  25. She’s sexy: http://www.drjudithreisman.org/photos.htm . If I had Photoshop, I’d doctor these photos and replace her dress with a… Phew… Is it hot in here? (Loosening collar.) I’m starting to sweat. God, Judy, I’m wondering what are you wearing underneath.

  26. Allllllll riiiight.

  27. I think someone needs to get laid…

    Times like these that tempt me to suggest passing a law–but I’d be satisfied if they’d just legalize prostitution, in more ways than one…

  28. I think she’s right on! If everyone just said no to sex, all of the problems humanity faces would eventually go away.

    Or we could all quit eating, and solve everything a lot sooner.

    Or breathing.

  29. I think someone needs to get laid…

    Would you stick your dick in that? No? Then why would you wish that on anyone? 😉

    I think someone needs to get laid…

    Why, yes. How did you know?

    Hey, if you need to get laid, smacky, just let me know.

  30. Reason’s gone to hell since Marcus Aurelius stopped editting it.

    – Gaius Unsubscriberus

  31. Ahh, the joys of junk science. 🙂

  32. “Erototoxins.” Ha! More like Judith Reisman is consumed with authoritarianism and being poisoned by “authrotoxins”.

  33. Emeril once denied me his essence…

  34. Rick, I think you may be on to something. How come a driving need to stick one’s nose up in everyone else’s bidness hasn’t been diagnosed as a mental disorder yet? Just think, at least half of Congress could be forced into being involuntarily medicated!

  35. Uh oh, don’t let her get her hands on the “Hot Coffee” in GTA: San Andreas. Don’t forget to get your copy before it gets pulled now that it’s the NC-17 of video games.

    What’s even more incredible is that the morons at Walmart are pulling the XBox and PS3 versions of the games, even though the Hot Coffee mod only works on the PC version.

  36. R C,

    Not true. That was the rumor, until this…

  37. Creationists and puritans howling at the top of their lungs… I just hope their quackery is apparent to most of mainstream America.

  38. mediageek,

    Yeah, how about just taking their jobs away from them on the grounds of this mental incapacitation that they’re afflicted with.

  39. That would be even better.

    Straight jackets and ‘ludes all around!

  40. You can still get qualudes?

  41. Holy shit, it says you can get them by prescription in Canada. Sweet! Qualudes are wonderful…

  42. …people whose brains have been rotted by pornography are no longer expressing “free speech” and, for their own good, shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment.

    It’s no stupider than the rationale behind the War on Drugs…

  43. Jeff,
    “Emeril once denied me his essence…”

    Not me: I got the BAM!

  44. The good Dr. plans to expose people to porn while they get an MRI brain scan.

    Now if erototoxins are poison isn’t it unethical to do the experiment?

  45. “Erotoxins,” heh.

    Now I know what to say the next time someone offering me a drink says, “Name your poison.”

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