Fighting the Man


A 15-year-old took Tony Blair's government to court over curfew laws that allow police to force home anyone under 16 who is out at night without supervision. And the boy won. His rationale for putting up a fight:

"Of course I have no problem with being stopped by the police if I've done something wrong," he said in a statement. "But they shouldn't be allowed to treat me like a criminal just because I'm under 16."

That's a principle so simple even a child can understand it. Even if political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have trouble.

The British High Court's ruling is a clear setback for Blair's campaign to curtail--I hope he actually used this phrase--"yobbish anti-social behaviour." But even if it fails completely, the PM can undoubtedly console himself by finding something else to outlaw. More here; link via Sploid.