What Neil Armstrong Saw…


…after shouldering Buzz Aldrin out of the way and making one small step for man on the moon 36 years ago today.

Google Maps are now intergalactic. Go here.

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  1. Be sure to zoom all the way in 🙂

  2. Nice.

    Also of relevant interest, via the FAQ:

    The Google Copernicus Center is hiring

  3. I can’t get the driving directions to work.

  4. still optional to believe they were really there…google just in on the secret scheme of deception. 🙂

  5. ok, that’s just cheesy.

  6. …after shouldering Buzz Aldrin out of the way

    Heh. Too funny, Nick. Actually I heard Armstrong tied the shoelaces on Buzz’s moon boots together to slow him down. In fact, if you listen carefully to the tapes, right after you hear “the Eagle has landed” in the background you can very faintly hear Buzz saying “What the… damn you Neal!”

  7. And if you listen very closely you’ll realize he’s actually saying “…damn you Neil” 😉 oops

  8. Whizler, you’ve done your good deed for the day. Yes, do zoom all the way in! It’s just as I’ve always suspected…

  9. Intergalactic? C’mon, the Moon’s practically in our back yard (in fact it was right over mine last night). It’s not even out of the Solar System.
    But ok, yeah, it’s a cool new google feature.

  10. Be sure to zoom all the way in 🙂

    You have to wonder how the peeps at the Creationism conference will interepret this.

  11. Traquility has a Starbucks?

  12. According to The Onion’s coverage for July 21, 1969, Armstrong’s first words from the moon were, “Holy living fuck… Are you fucking believing this? Over.” Opon stepping onto the surface he was reported to have said, “I abso-fucking-lutely am standing on the surface of the fucking moon. I am talking to you from the goddamned fucking moon. Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Over.”

    I think it’s about what I would have said myself.

  13. or was it “Damn you, kneel!”

  14. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this Quicktime panorama of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The site has other moon landing panoramas as well as ones for various locations on this planet.

  15. Thanks, Google. My friends and I always wondered if Neil Armstrong was lactose intolerant or not …

  16. I heard that when Armstrong stepped out on the lunar surface the first thing he did was to pray…because from there, it’s only a local call! (Ba-da-bump!) Goodnight, everybody…

  17. Nuclear physics, democracy, the surrealist movement, or pick your own favorite, I still say the highest achievement of mankind, history?s greatest moment ever, was? wait for it; Alan Shepard working on his short game.

  18. or was it “Damn you, kneel!”

    Sounds like a priest from high school.

  19. miles and miles and miles…

  20. Google Maps don’t work in Firefox >:|

  21. Huh? Of course Google Maps works in Firefox. Maybe something wrong with your Firefox installation. What problems do you run into?

  22. Rhywun- They do work in Firefox(even on a Linux machine). You probably need to install the Java plug-in.

    I’ve found FF to actually be compatible with more sites than IE.

  23. Or, if you’re running the no script extension, you may need to allow google.com to run scripts.

  24. Surprised none of the “Moon Landing Hoaxers” made a comment about this…. 🙂

  25. Anybody else find it funny that, one H&R entry after taking a cheap shot at religious people for not being “scientific,” the distance between the Earth and the Moon is characterized as “intergalactic?”

    No? Just me? Oh. Carry on, then.

  26. No, no, no, Nick is right. Observe:

    • “Galaxy” is Greek for milk.
    • The Moon is made of cheese.
    • The Earth and the Moon share a common composition.
    • Therefore, the Earth is made of cheese or other dairy product.

    Result? Going from milk-based Earth to milk-based Luna is, in fact, “intergalactic” travel.

  27. I thought it was made of green cheese, not yellow. Guess you can’t believe everything your parents tell you…

  28. “Blessed are the Cheesemakers”

  29. Exactly, drf.

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