My Brioche Is Hanging Upside Down


Over at To The People, Baylen Linnekin says hey ho, let's go to bad-boy chef (and public Ramones fan) Anthony Bourdain's new Travel Channel show, No Reservations. Why?

Try not to fear for your own life as Bourdain describes his time eating and drinking in the Wild-West atmosphere of a Cambodian automatic-weapons firing range….

"Basically, everything that makes this place good would be illegal in the United States," say Bourdain in a promo for No Reservations. Bourdain's contempt for the nanny state, and his love of straight, plain language makes his return to original programming sure to be the highlight of my summer.

Bonus points: Bourdain once called Emeril Lagasse an "ewok," which qualifies for a "Bam!" Whole thing here.