Vice Squad


Here is something that should never happen in a free country:

Officers searched the Miami home of Andrew Calderon on May 18 and found a sexy calendar, a racy poster and a few copies of Maxim magazine. Calderon, 23, was jailed for six days before a judge ordered his release.

Calderon is a convicted sex offender, and according to the Florida Department of Corrections, sex offenders who possess anything deemed "sexually stimulating" are in violation of the terms of their probation. Although Calderon was released, there is a hearing pending to determine the status of his probation. Joseph Conte, another sex offender, was arrested for possession of the Kama Sutra (a judge later threw out the complaint against him).

If corrections officers are determined to prevent any potentially stimulating material from getting to sex offenders on probation, they could at least have the grace not to sound so damn sexy when they defend their policy:

"Anything that is sexually stimulating, we are going to violate them on, and the judges are going to make those decisions," said Debbie Buchanan, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman. "If there's any question at all, we're going to violate them."

Whole story here; link via Sploid.