Is It Safe?


A New York Times exposé on Medicaid fraud describes a Brooklyn dentist who "claimed to have performed as many as 991 procedures a day in 2003." Her slogan: "Gentle Family Dentistry."

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  1. Jacob Sullum,

    A great spy novel/movie. Laurence Olivier as a Nazi was priceless. I just love it when Babe makes him eat the diamonds.

  2. Trying to find an honest Medicaid dentist is like pulling teeth.

    Thank-you, I’m here all week! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

  3. Her slogan: “Gentle Family Dentistry.”

    Formerly “Painful Family Dentistry”

  4. Why must Medicaid turn this dentist’s office into a DEN OF LIES??!

  5. These sorts of medicaid scams are common throughout the U.S. I remember a similar scam out of Florida a few years back.

  6. how about the dentist scene in “Splash” where Eugene Levy’s character declines an injection before the cracked tooth (“near the nerve”) – the dentist is a great parody from “Marathon” and declares:
    “Oh you like pain. Vell ve aim to pleaze”

  7. “They have the plant, but we have the power”

    That is such a great episode, cjp… thanks for reminding me. Good times…

  8. I’ve met a guy who does medical supply for medicaid. When private insurance companys call he hangs up on them because the prices they negotiate don’t yield a profit worth distracting his time away from the state social workers and their desire to help people at any cost (to the tax payers).

  9. cjp,

    I couldn’t stop laughing when you read you post. Oops, I left the gas on.

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