Friday Fun Forwarded E-Mail


Minuteman Project heartthrob Jim Gilchrist is looking for a few good crippled ethnic gals:

Dear Americans,

I am searching for any American-Mexicans or Latinos/Latinas, American-Africans, American-Asians, etc. who will volunteer their time to appear on TV with me from time to time. Also, any severely physically disabled person is wanted.

The percentage of non-whites in the pro immigration law enforcement movement appears to be only about 10%. I want to encourage more non-whites to join our ranks and at the same time resolve once and for all that the pro immigration law enforcement movement is not about "a bunch of brawny white guys". We have plenty of women in our groups, but we are still a bit lacking in non-white participation.

I can't imagine why. Forwarded to me by the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.