Economy Meets Ecology


The new blog Environmental Economics brings together a band of professors to weigh in on topics ranging from the Chicago Climate Exchange and trading carbon credits to whether boycotts really work.

"Is it worth a Dam?" The blog is.

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  1. here what a great place to read people argueing if global climate change is real or not or if global climate change is human coused or not….over and over and over again.

    Climate change is real!

    No it isn’t!

    Yes it is!

    no it isn’t!

    YES! It is!

    No it isn’t!

  2. Joshua,
    Recent studies have shown it is the hot air generated by such arguments that is the most signigicant contributor in causing global warming.

  3. NoStar,

    Actually, it’s the paper that they print all those terrifying end-of-the-world scenerios on, and all the rebuttals, that’s doing us in. It’s killing too many trees.

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