Ladies vs. Women: Breastfeeding Smackdown


In the August issue of Glamour, National Review contributor and Independent Women's Forum Policy Director Carrie Lukas explains, in very small words, why breastfeeding moms should keep their nips in check:

There are lots of things that we aren't allowed to do in public. People can't walk down the street naked or have sex or even drink from an open container of alcohol….Of course infants should be fed when they are hungry, but nursing mothers should compromise by using the ladies' room.

The weirdest, and by far the most enjoyable aspect of this debate (other than the lactivists themselves), is the opportunity to watch socially conservative women try to take down serious, often stay-at-home mothers–normally posited as paragons of womanly virtue–rather than the usual sparring partners, academics and manly flight attendants.