Reason's Ron Bailey Will Liberate Your Biology (Advance Sales Pitch Edition)


Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey's great new book, Liberation Biology: The Moral and Scientific Case for the Biotech Revolution, will be in bookstores at the end of July.

But why wait? You can read all about it, check out the table of contents, and take in some excerpts and advance praise by going here.


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  1. prediction:
    I will buy this book, but it will languish alongside my copy Of Shermer’s The Science of Good & Evil and remain largely unread.
    Any chance of a Cliffs Notes Ron?

  2. My copy from Amazon came from Amazon on Friday.

    Is there any word on a book tour or appearances.

    I’d like to get this book and Eco-Scam autographed.

  3. Is Reason peddling all this cultish libertarian rubbish just to make a buck by any chance?

  4. Heaven forend! That would be unforgivable.

    No, they’re just trying to raise awareness.

  5. Biology is not strange for everyone, but it is very far away, this article describes the development of biology.

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