No Honeymoon for Bush


The invaluable Center for Media and Public Affairs has a new study out about press coverage of George W. Bush's second term. The short version? One third of coverage on broadcast news shows earlier this year was positive–which is up from 29 percent positives during Dubya's very first 100 days.

Wash Post writeup here. Wash Times, which further notes that Bush isn't being covered as much as he used to be, here.

CMPA summary of findings, which notes that ABC was the most negative of the nets and NBC the most pos, here.

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  1. Bush isn’t being covered as much as he used to be

    But think how much worse it would be if Kerry had won!

  2. People in general are not at all excited by bush or anything he does really. He could have made Social Security reform more plausible by not going to war, for instance.

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