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If you're looking for info on the London attacks, Tim Worstall has lots of links to coverage in the blogosphere and the rest of the media.

The BBC is publishing eyewitness accounts here. The Scotsman has more here.

Flickr is hosting photos here and here.

And finally—just in case you were wondering how the G8 protesters and police were reacting, the answer is here.


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  1. This has Al Qaeda written all over it. G8 protestors would never do something this big and coordinated.

    Something tells me the Brits are going to come down on this like a ton of bricks.

  2. If anyone comes across a list of casualties or injured people, could you please post here?

  3. Todd Fletcher

    I don’t think anyone’s suggesting G8 protesters had anything to do with this.

    The problem is that a lot of law enforcement and security forces as well as emergency services were diverted to the north to deal with the anticipated protests and to provide security for visiting leaders. I understand London would like to get some of those resources back.

  4. Last I heard on the radio on my way to work: 47 confirmed dead, hundreds injured.

  5. I had read earlier that the government had initially blamed the G8 protestors, but I suppose that didn’t last long.

  6. Todd: Blair claimed that it was timed to coincide with the G8 meeting, but I don’t think I heard anyone blame the protesters (which I agree would be silly).

    The original official story, apparently, was that this was some sort of surge on the electrical grid. That tale didn’t last long.

  7. Those G8 protesting hippies couldn’t have pulled off this attack if they’d wanted to.

  8. “Those G8 protesting hippies couldn’t have pulled off this attack if they’d wanted to.”

    Nor would they have wanted to; if they *were* inclined to blow people up, they’d have blown up businesses.

    They could probably manage a coordinated outbreak of concealed puppet actions.

  9. I’m sorry for the timing, but the line “immediately put down their musical instruments and placards” is really funny.

    And Franklin, any thoughts as to how this might effect the V for Vendetta release?
    (and before anyone chides me for bringing up comics on a bombing thread, the story is about London being brought to its knees between a totalitarian Gov’t and a lone rebel with a knack for explosives.)

  10. Thanks for posting stuff. I work in the City near one of the bombing sites and I was a whisker of being on the train with the bombs. I feel sick.

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