This Verse May Come As A Surprise to You…


"Who knew there were so many poets in Nigeria?"


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  1. Someone should organize an aid concert for the Nigerian email “scammers.” It could only benefit society as a whole as they thin out the population a la Cliff Clavin’s buffalo theory.

  2. On a tangentially related note, NPR aired a story a couple days ago talking about how the mayor running one of the larger cities wanted to revamp the place as a tourist destination.

  3. Good day, please excuse me sir
    I am the cousin of a former Nigerian minister
    I have a hundred thousand dollars and fifty-three cents
    That I must remove from my country, with your assistance
    If you let me access an account to which it can be sent
    I will gladly share with you about twenty percent

    (I can’t reach the link, so I hope this poem wasn’t rendered stupid by whatever’s there.)

  4. Oops. I found a way to access a cache of the site, and my thought has indeed been rendered stupid and superflous by what’s actually there. Never mind.

  5. [irony]

    Gosh, Stevo, why do you have to go and waste precious internet space like that? Because redundant is good? Because good is redundant?

    I hope this poem wasn’t rendered stupid by whatever’s there.

    It was rendered stupid by you, ok??? 🙂


  6. ouch.

    Note to self, don’t cross smacky. :-p

  7. mediageek,

    Of course I was kidding! I love Stevo, he’s one of my favorite posters. Sometimes I just can’t resist the urge for a good insult (but only when it’s not directed at me).

  8. *sigh* Gary Gunnels would know what I’m talking about. I miss that obnoxious goon.

  9. I would send a cyberhug to smacky to confirm that her barb was not taken amiss, but the bandwidth here is too precious to expend on such trivialities. 🙂

  10. I don’t think I saw any limericks.

    There once was a man from Nigeria
    Whose spam filled my eyes up with tearia
    “Help me,” he exhorted,
    “Get my fortune exported!”
    I DELETEd, ’cause it made me leery-a.

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