Conflicting Priorities


The nation's cops agree: crystal meth–which, as Michelle Malkin would point out, is what the kids call methamphetamine–is our new national scourge:

More than half of the sheriffs interviewed for a National Association of Counties survey released Tuesday said they considered meth the most serious problem facing their departments.

Trouble is, the Office of National Drug Control Policy still considers our old national scourge to be our current national scourge:

The report comes soon after the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy restated its stance that marijuana remains the nation's most substantial drug problem. Federal estimates show there are 15 million marijuana users compared to the 1 million that might use meth.

Given the progress of the war against weed, the prospects for eradicating a chemical that can be synthesized from household cleaning supplies and Sudafed might not be terribly rosy. Not that that will deter anyone from trying.

Story here; link via Death/Media Incarnate.