Rove Takes a Leak…


Or is that he gives one?

In any case, Lawrence O'Donnell, appearing on The McLaughlin Group, has fingered President Bush's No. 1 Guy as the one who told reporters that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent. O'Donnell says that will come out in the data dump provided by Time mag to the grand jury investigating the case.

Whole story here.

Way, way back when, Reason's Ron Bailey offered a nice-and-easy strategery for the Bush admin to deal with this: The prez should demand the guilty party to come forward. While that never happened, Karl Rove did publicly deny involvement. Which might just be a problem if O'Donnell (who, it's worth pointing out, is one of those mysterious pundits who seemed, like Jay Gatsby, to appear out of nowhere a few years back) is correct.

Read Ron's piece here.

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