Kelo Makes Strange Bedfellows, Part 234


Reason Contributing Editor Carolyn Lochhead, who covers D.C. for the San Francisco Chronicle, has this great piece about trans-partisan alliances following the Kelo decision on eminent domain:

Rep. Maxine Waters, a liberal Democrat from South Central Los Angeles, and Rep. Richard Pombo, a rock-ribbed conservative Republican from rural San Joaquin County—who rarely join forces on any issue—were among a group that introduced a bill to cut off federal funds for cities that use eminent domain for [Kelo-type] projects [in which private property is seized by the state and then turned over to private developers].

"Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals are going to be organizing behind opposing the Supreme Court decision," Waters said. "It's like undermining motherhood and apple pie. I mean, people's homes and their land—it's very important, and it should be protected by government, not taken for somebody else's private use."

Whole thing here.